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Pre-order Sun Kil Moon's "Benji" on double yellow vinyl
Pre-order Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle's "Perils from the Sea" on double blue vinyl

Sun Kil Moon's Benji vinyl updated on Vinyl Films' site ∞

Cameron Crowe’s official site The Uncool has details on the Vinyl Films double vinyl release of Sun Kil Moon’s “Benji” at the link above. In addition to the pressing details, there are photos of all the vinyl, including the lyric insert.

Release Date: July, 2014
ID: VFR-2014-1

1st Pressing:

900 (black)
900 (blue)
900 (yellow)

2nd pressing:

700 (red)
1900 (clear)

Thanks Jon for the heads up!

Jul 27, 2014

There are 3 vinyl pressings of Sun Kil Moon’s “Benji”: black, yellow and blue. If you’re in the shops, how do you know which one is which?

The answer? The color of the sticker on the front.

Jul 26, 2014

Cheers to FlyThem from the forum for snapping this photo of the Sun Kil Moon July 2014 posters they’re selling.

Jul 26, 2014

Download last night's Sun Kil Moon show in Philly ∞

At the link above… :) Cheers Jackie!

Jul 24, 2014

Actual Wolf ∞

Eric Pollard, current drummer for the Sun Kil Moon tour and also drummer for Retribution Gospel Choir, is also playing guitar as Actual Wolf. Have a listen.

Jul 24, 2014

Did you order Sun Kil Moon’s Benji vinyl from Bull Moose Records?

If so, you probably received this email:

We have an update for you on the Sun Kil Moon Benji records that are scheduled to be released next week. We believe that everyone who preordered a copy on black vinyl will receive one. Shortages and shipping damage is always possible. If we don’t get enough for everyone, we will process orders in the order they were received. We will not have enough yellow copies for everyone. If the portion of your order number before the dash begins with 29846 or lower, we expect to have a copy for you.

If your order number begins with 29879 or higher, we probably will not have a copy for you. We will keep your order in our system for now in case someone cancels. A few people cancel every time, so maybe you will get lucky!

Some people with order numbers between 29847 and 29878 will receive copies. The lower your order number, the better your chances are.

We expect to ship out the records Friday or Saturday. I hope that the next email you receive from us is a packing notification. If you don’t get one by Sunday, you can conclude that we won’t be able to fill your order. We will confirm that next week.

I’m terribly sorry if you are one of the people who won’t receive a copy and I apologize to everyone for the uncertainty. Unfortunately, limited edition vinyl tends to be like this. I don’t know what the case was here, but in general, people try their best to estimate how many copies to produce. Sometimes fans surprise them and there isn’t time to press more. Thanks for understanding. We will be in touch again soon. Take care, Chris

P.S. We still don’t know about the blue edition of the Kozelek/Lavalle record. We have a few copies of the black version in stock right now.

Kudos to Bull Moose for being transparent like this with their customers and keeping them informed.

So.. are you getting your vinyl?

Jul 24, 2014

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