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I know Elliott chat pops up in 'Now Playing' from time to time, but it is somewhat disjointed and he is more than worthy of his own thread on here. Elliott fans, please make yourselves known!

For any Elliott fans who love his albums but haven't delved deeper, check out the Heatmiser albums, and go onto the Sweet Addy forum and download the 'Grand Mal' collection. There are 7 discs worth of material but discs 1-3 are essential. You will wonder why many of these songs never made it into album. Disc one is all the officially released non-album stuff such as B-sides, stand alone singles & soundtrack songs. Discs 2 & 3 are studio recordings of songs circa 1998-2003 which were never released. I would love to see these songs released one day. These songs were from the 'Figure 8' era, the scrapped album that was to come after it, and ones from the 'From a Basement on the Hill' sessions.

It encourages me that after the long wait since the superb 2007 collection 'New Moon' (previously unreleased 1994-1997 songs), the 'Heaven Adores You' film & soundtrack have been compiled, and also an expanded, remastered edition of Either/Or is to be released soon.


Hopefully in time we will see the Grand Mal songs officially released along with other songs of which studio recordings have been confirmed to exist, but haven't been leaked. We really are far from 'barrel scraping' with Elliott Smith posthumous releases as so many excellent songs exist that haven't been put out.


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    big fan here. I've got the either / or expanded edition on pre-order and looking forward to receiving it, not just for the upgrade but to "friend" my old copy and hopefully turn on someone else to this very talented individual. Wasn't aware of sweet addy and this collection. I will be grabbing it this morning.

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    Bit of a fan myself but never really got that into his music. I found his vocal style a bit wishy-washy to be honest. I liked 'From a Basement on the Hill' as it had a bit more variety to it as opposed to his earlier softer sounding albums. Still, no denying that he had great talent. I was reading the other day about how he took his own life - not really knowing the full details until that point. What a horrific way to finish yourself off....

  • @JRS there is plenty online about his death. His girlfriend was with him at the time. Some believe it was her who stabbed him. I'd like to think he didn't end his life like that, but only one person really knows the answer to that. Strange though that she never appears in documentaries, interviews, credits etc. I believe the verdict was inconclusive.

    Also as per the Heaven Adores You film, I'd rather focus on his music than what happened in the final minute of his life.

    It took me a while to get into his 'softer sounding' stuff (first 2 albums). Either / Or is a good stepping stone from those to what he did after that. The first 3 songs on XO are stunning. Figure 8 is a great album with more varied stuff on. Funnily enough, the Basement album is kind of a tough listen for me, knowing that the tracklist was not actually chosen by Elliott himself, but by others after his death. As I said, many of the Basement sessions tracks could and should (IMHO) have made the album

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    @sg70471 did you check out the Grand Mal collection?

    These songs are great and easily good enough to adorn an album:

    Dancing on the Highway
    Let's Turn the Record Over
    Mr. Goodmorning
    Cecilia / Amanda
    True Love
    Place Pigalle
    Grand Mal
    Taking a Fall
    From the Poisoned Well
    Everything's Okay
    Brand New Game
    No Life

    Perhaps saddest of all are the instrumentals that were presumably awaiting his vocals:

    See You in Heaven
    O So Slow
    The Assassin

    I like his stuff with Heatmiser too, it's kinda generic early 90s alternative stuff but with a great vibe and many good songs written by Elliott. The Heaven Adores you soundtrack unearthed a Heatmiser version of Christian Brothers from Elliott's S/T album. A song that never clicked with me solo but the full band version gives me the chills

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