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  • Didn't like the single. But how could they be as great as they were? Not a surprise.

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    I saw them live in Vancouver a couple years back and I think they are even better as live performers than back in the day so there's that. And I liked the single quite a lot actually.

  • Live they have been incredible since the reunion. Check out this version of golden hair that just slays...

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    Ah crap, I've been away and Bristol has sold out already :(

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    Do you have ticket reseller sites like Stubhub there?

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    Yeah I should be able to find a ticket somewhere, it's just a bit annoying. The Facebook event pages usually work for me so I'm hopeful I'll find one!

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    I picked up a 3cd boxset of their Creation Records output in slim sleeve versions for a very cheap €15....nice

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    Yeah I have that too. I don't know how many forum members are solely digital now but for those who prefer CDs there are quite a few back catalog five-CD sets put out by Warners that go for about the price of a single new CD. Some of it is mainstream but they do also offer stuff like Aztec Camera, Sisters of Mercy, Tim Buckley, etc. Each disc is in a thin cardboard sleeve so the whole set is about the size of a jewel box.

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    I meant digital download oops.

  • @MrHanky said:
    I picked up a 3cd boxset of their Creation Records output in slim sleeve versions for a very cheap €15....nice

    Bad mistake. (Already 7 yrs ago, time......words fail me) the 3 albums were reissued as 2xCD's each with phenomenal extra material, the very definition of Totally Essential.

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    Well then when we get those deluxe reissues we can use the three-cd set as an entry point for a friend who doesn't know the band.

  • @KozFan said:
    Well then when we get those deluxe reissues we can use the three-cd set as an entry point for a friend who doesn't know the band.

    Yes of course, nice spirit you've got there in these SuperMean times!
    Though I can't think of any expanded reissues to compare with these - just can't praise them highly enough - it's one of the music world's biggest tragedies that there STILL remains no release for the band's 'I'm the elephant ur the mouse' s/tk.
    Like Pygmalion wasn't mindblowing enough, they, well Neil really, went even further in creating as has been so rightly said ' some of the most beautiful music ever made'.
    Hopefully it's still downloadable on that blog site out there, if you dig Pygmalion and never heard this, you sure don't know the whole story yet.
    I wonder why in hell no one has put it out, horrible.......need the answers, is it down to Neil or the director?
    I still hope there's gonna be something I can get behind on the forthcoming album but....

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    Liverpool sold out before I even knew about it.

    The 2CD versions . . . Just For A Day is great with the early EPs on. Worth it just for Morningrise & Shine. For some reason I never got round to getting the Souvlaki 2CD despite it being one of my favourite albums ever. Pygmalion I just find too hard to get into bar a couple of songs, and I've tried believe me.

    'I am the Elephant' - where can I get hold of this?

    Neil's solo and Mojave 3 stuff is great too!

  • Hopefully it's still here:
    But if you can't groove with Pygmalion you might not dig this either.......

    On the Souvlaki 2CD, Some Velvet Morning & the 2 EP's are wonderous, the 2 remixes are misses like problem is, Slowdive need LOUD play, but partially deaf neighbour left and this guy's a cunt and it's just not the same anymore.
    If I let rip it'll only incite him to rev up his fuckin powertools again.

    It's way too long since I've played these classics.
    Yeah, Shine especially demands much volume. It's the track that alerted me to the band,
    only I didn't follow up at the time. BAAAAD mistake!

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    Not a headphone sort?

  • Welllllll.......mine actually hurt after a few hours or less. And playing music loud on phones is a very bad idea if you hadn't heard. But yes l thought I might have to do this,
    revisiting this dilemma. I doubt if a suitable vol is achievable safely.......

    There's also the incongruity of blasting Shine, which is very blissful music, while every day for the last 10 yrs or more, the UK Nazi govt are systematically driving the poor and disabled to destitution and so-called suicide. I keep up with the never-ending torrent of horror stories most days........I just had to buy Slade's Very Best of to try to 'cheer myself up'. The late 60's and early 70's were such a contrast to now, ppl have been relentlessly poisoned with 'right' wing propaganda since that time, it's hideous.......most times I'm in no state to assault myself with loud music.......

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    This is great..

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