Been to any decent gigs recently?

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Just a thread to share experiences of decent gigs (non-Kozelek) that you may have been to recently.

I saw Jose Gonzalez accompanied by a string orchestra last week. Great show - the strings really added an interesting element to his music. If you get a chance to see this, do go...


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    Don't really get too many gigs in my neck of the woods so I try to jam as many into my travel schedule as possible. The last time I was able to do that was in November, when I saw The Appleseed Cast, Jimmy Eat World, The Cure, Ty Segall, Wilco and The Twilght Sad in a single trip!

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    Wow just a few then?! I'm sure a few people on this forum would kill to see The Cure live!

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    Will be attending Mark Eitzel and Howe Gelb soon.

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    Howl Gelb :-)

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    I think he is doing lounge piano stuff currently.

  • Totally different spectrum of music, but I recently saw Run the Jewels in Norfolk VA. I must say it was one of the best shows I have been to, and my first Hip Hop related show, which was a nerve raking thought beforehand being 40 now lol. But it was worth much more than the ticket price for sure. Check them out if you get a chance

  • Saw Mogwai the other week on this tour they're doing where they play the soundtrack to Atomic live synced to the film. Great show, although wish they had played an encore of other tracks or something. Perhaps it wouldn't have worked in that context though. Have gotten to see very few shows lately, sadly, even though I am living in a much more music-friendly town for the past 5 months than I was for the four years prior.

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