THE AMAZING - Ambulance

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Sorry, if this was posted before. Just stumbled across Swedish band THE AMAZING... and they really are! ;-)

They have a strong RHP-esque quality in their songwriting and musical arrangements. Christoffer Gunrup, singer, songwriter and one of the three (!) lead guitarists sounds a bit like Koz, too and the harmony vocals surely create the vision of RHP still alive in 2017. Their new album is called Ambulance and is really amazing, highly recommended.

Gunrup is familiar in other aspects to MK, too:

"Cristoffer Gunrup, The Amazing’s lead singer, songwriter and one of the band’s three lead guitarists, is known for his reluctance to talk about his process. He prefers to let the music speak for itself. He refuses to take part in the promotion of the band, never reveals the lyrics, which are often an impenetrable jumble in the mix, and expresses little satisfaction with any of the music he’ s recorded. “I think Ambulance might take more listening than the last album, but I never analyze what we’ve done. If I can listen to it without killing myself, we’ll keep it.”

THROUGH CITY LIGHTS sounds like a lost RHP track:


  • Wow, thanks for the tip-off. This sounds like prime RHP, early Low & Bluetile Lounge. Quite honestly I'm more likely to buy this album than the new Koz one. Really nice song

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    Nice.. like it.

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    It's a nice song, but when listening to it, I'm actually really glad that Mark has been moving forward the last couple of years. It would be quite sad to hear him play music like this these days, as if he were his own tribute band. I much prefer his new style.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys! I like Mark's new style too but glad to have found this band also... listen to the album for a few days in a row now, not getting tired of it... and THE AMAZING have their own way, too. Much more than a tribute band ;-)

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    Thanks for sharing this, I bought the album after hearing this song and I have to agree it's great. One of the acoustic tracks reminds me a bit of Nick Drake. I'm really enjoying the whole thing.

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    Holy fuck that song sounds dead up like RHP. Gonna jam this whole record now.

  • Christoffer is a friend of mine and he is indeed a big RHP fan. Everyone should hear "Picture You" which is a fantastic song.

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    How did Bob Marley like his donuts?
    With Jam in......

  • Thanks a lot for posting this! I really enjoyed the whole record. Don't see a reason why I shouldn't buy the album!

    btw. speaking of RHP clones, I always found this particular song similar to some RHP stuff, maybe its just the mood of the song.

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    Maybe some of you want to know that THE AMAZING have a new album called IN TRANSIT. I´ve got the double LP already and it´s really worth checking out. Great album again!

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