sorry if this was posted before.

Just vistied the Desertshore website today after some time and found they announced a new album there, coming in June this year.


  • Excellent. It's sad to say this but I think I'd prefer it if Mark didn't sing or talk on this album!

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    I wonder will it be on Caldo Verde?

    Poor old Phil has had to put up with Mark for so long at this stage...sorry had the privilege of working with him

    One time many years as the two of them toured with acoustic guitars Mark stood on stage & to the tune of Michael called out "Phil...where the hell are you" and as Phil appeared again to join Mark on stage I'm sure I wasnt the only one who reckoned he'd been in a toilet cubicle having a little cry and wishing he were somewhere else.

    Afterwards I spoke to them both and asked had they a title for the next release and Mark looked pissed off and replied "Yeah Tiny Cities 2"

  • When they played as a duo? Probably the time I found out about the gig the next fuckin day. That was a pain.
    So uh, solstice, you just happened to home in on the day of this announcement that took 11 fuckin months? * Huh!
    T'bolt: yeah it is sad innit, but true.....
    So should I take the silence as the 'Listen to album' link ain't happenin or is it something I need to update or ? on pc?
    I don't like listenin to stuff on pc, it's so weird and distorted, but I'll never forget how revalatory it was listnin to MoG that first time.
    It's bin such a horrific wait it would be good to listen.
    And another 3 months to go, Jesus.......

    • Rather, when it comes out it will have been 11 long months since they first said they'd be mixing it.......
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    ordered shipped and waiting (usually up to 1 month to Italy) the era of you have it all right now, I prefer to sit and wait for my copy )

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