Drab Majesty

Hmm, can't click with The Amazing but another take on the strong RHP influence is Drab, certainly on his new 'The Demonstration' album. His is a much more forceful? upbeat? dammit.......take. Initially I found the drum machine too much/outta place, but it's better listenin on CD properly, less like being beaten on the head using headphones & pc.
In his case I thought the music good enough to get the CD.
Bit of a genius even. There's an interview online where he has high praise for RHP/Mark. Sounds like a good guy too.
As they say, all kinds of influences there, 80's, 4AD, shoegaze, the fuckin Cure even.....check him out.......
This msg delayed, better late than never, hope it's of use to someone......I find it takes a long time to hit on music this good.
If he'd played real drums it might have made the difference, but the blighter only played everything himself on this so you gotta give him a break huh?
Desertshore are probably the nearest to perfection I know of.....maybe this will be the one where it goes pear-shaped.
Sooner or later, no one escapes it........

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