03/25/17 @ Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

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Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


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    From Victor on FB;

    Beautiful gig tonight with Mark, minna choi on piano, new bassist, drummer and guitarist, plus string quartet.

    Somehow the wonder of life prevails
    You are me and I am you
    Bergen to Trondheim
    Stranger than paradise
    God bless Ohio
    The possum
    Richard Ramirez died today of natural causes
    I can't live without my mothers love
    Beautiful you

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    Did Mark play any guitar?

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    Pretty varied set list despite only going back to AFP Only three from Common. When I saw him with Jesu in the fall the set list was mostly drawn from that album.

  • No, he only sang. The guitarist Travis of the magik magik Orchestra played the Nylon string guitar on alesund.

    Somhow the wonder was really mesmerizing with piano and strings.

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    That sounds like an encouraging trend ..

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    It was a beautiful gig - sorry I was unable to comment, I just got my account today.

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    Welcome Victor!

  • This entire gig has been uploaded to Youtube (I believe by Victor who commented above). There are some savage live versions here. Definitely worth a look.

  • Man that version of Somehow the wonder of life prevails just slays. Great arrangements that really elevate it too. When he chooses a good song to sing he's clearly still got it :)

  • @elusive_pimpernel I didn't even want to listen because I find it really hard to connect with any of his recent stuff - but you're right. Great version!

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    thanks for posting, beautiful.

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    I still think that Peter Broderick deserves more credit for contributing to the composition of this song. Absolutely beautiful, thanks Victor.

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    This is just incredible. Does anyone have any more like this?

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    Why oh why doesn't he put out a new live album from one of these shows!!??

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    @JRS said:
    Why oh why doesn't he put out a new live album from one of these shows!!??

    Simple...he'd have to pay the other musicians

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    Yep - that was a great gig. Enjoy the youtube videos.

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    He mentioned during the Australia gigs that they are recording for a live album. Let's hope it gets released soon

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