03/25/17 @ Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

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Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


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    From Victor on FB;

    Beautiful gig tonight with Mark, minna choi on piano, new bassist, drummer and guitarist, plus string quartet.

    Somehow the wonder of life prevails
    You are me and I am you
    Bergen to Trondheim
    Stranger than paradise
    God bless Ohio
    The possum
    Richard Ramirez died today of natural causes
    I can't live without my mothers love
    Beautiful you

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    Did Mark play any guitar?

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    Pretty varied set list despite only going back to AFP Only three from Common. When I saw him with Jesu in the fall the set list was mostly drawn from that album.

  • No, he only sang. The guitarist Travis of the magik magik Orchestra played the Nylon string guitar on alesund.

    Somhow the wonder was really mesmerizing with piano and strings.

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    That sounds like an encouraging trend ..

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    It was a beautiful gig - sorry I was unable to comment, I just got my account today.

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    Welcome Victor!

  • This entire gig has been uploaded to Youtube (I believe by Victor who commented above). There are some savage live versions here. Definitely worth a look.

  • Man that version of Somehow the wonder of life prevails just slays. Great arrangements that really elevate it too. When he chooses a good song to sing he's clearly still got it :)

  • @elusive_pimpernel I didn't even want to listen because I find it really hard to connect with any of his recent stuff - but you're right. Great version!

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    thanks for posting, beautiful.

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    I still think that Peter Broderick deserves more credit for contributing to the composition of this song. Absolutely beautiful, thanks Victor.

  • This is just incredible. Does anyone have any more like this?

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    Why oh why doesn't he put out a new live album from one of these shows!!??

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    @JRS said:
    Why oh why doesn't he put out a new live album from one of these shows!!??

    Simple...he'd have to pay the other musicians

  • Yep - that was a great gig. Enjoy the youtube videos.

  • He mentioned during the Australia gigs that they are recording for a live album. Let's hope it gets released soon

  • This is stunning, just remarkable work. I'm so happy he's chosen to use this amazing ensemble for the next official live album, as these versions of these songs really deserve preserving for posterity.

    That interpretation of "Somehow The Wonder Of Life Prevails" is devastingly beautiful! A shame we can't hear that last song, especially since it's so long.

    I'm just really sad only American fans seem to be getting the chance to see these unique and special live gigs. They remind me of Jason Pierce playing Spiritualized tracks for his Acoustic Mainlines gigs, only potentially even better....

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