06/01/17 @ Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne, Australia (Sun Kil Moon)

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


  • My first ever Mark Kozelek show. Wish me luck, everybody.

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    "Bon Chance" as the French so eloquently put it...see if you can get yourself mentioned in a song on a forthcoming release :-)

  • Set list:

    House Cat
    Chili Lemon Peanuts
    Early June Blues
    Bergen to Trondheim
    Mother's Love
    Window Sash Weights
    The Possum

    Sweet Melissa (Allman Brothers Band)
    Rock and Roll Singer
    I Got You Babe
    God Bless Ohio

    Much as I expected, trying in parts and delightful in others. Could have done without The Possum and some of the CALLARVOB material, but happy to get three songs from Benji.

    Bombs came with bonus verses about Auckland and Sydney that were very funny and went down well with the crowd, even if they did stretch the length out to probably 20 minutes.

    House Cat is from a forthcoming collaboration with Jim White of The Dirty Three (I believe I have that correct) and was really good -- sung from the perspective of a cat dwelling on the follies of humanity in the age of Trump.

    Female crowd members were enlisted to duet on Mother's Love and I Got You Babe, and a guy Mark had met at a hotel earlier in the day played sax on Bergen to Trondheim. All three did great.

    Mark played electric guitar on WSW, Possum and Dogs, though not with any great distinction.

  • @micro77s He played guitar. ;)

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    @DonaldDuckKooKim said:
    @micro77s He played guitar. ;)

    Well at least that ..

  • Anyone know if house cat was sung or rapped?

  • The first half is very much at the ranty end of his recent "rapping" style, and has a few sections where he wigs out completely, a bit like the "yikes" part of Bombs. I know this may not sound promising, but the words are pretty funny and I can imagine it would go very effectively with Jim White's drumming. The second half segues into a slower, jazzier style with somewhat more musical vocals, and reminds me a bit of Window Sash Weights.

  • I thought it was a great gig. Through the tour in Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane he kept talking about those shows being warmups for "the big one" - the Melbourne gig was very well attended, great to see a big crowd.

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