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    Wow thanks for that @mcmaurice Wonderful song and a wonderful cover version

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    The album version will probably sound slightly different. She has already be mentioned as a new talent for this year, so this 22 year old singer might also make some younger people aware of old talent Mark Kozelek.
    Album is out in September.

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    great cover but the song is from the new Koz catalogue
    I would be surprised to know about young talents covering old rhp songs or skm first albums

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    Like this you mean?

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    its nice, though unoriginal in the sense that she is directly copying the way he used to play it live. I do hope it will turn the kids on to all koz's work

  • I really like the album and the cover. The piano suits the song and makes it a tad more original. You can really hear Koz's influence on her work, too. But I also like to think that Koz could learn from her "confessional" but still poetic style as well and not just write mundane diary entries.

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