10/06/17 @ Town Hall, New York (Sun Kil Moon)

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This show features Magik Magik Orchestra, Steve Shelley on drums and Josh Haden on bass.

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


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    Finally decided to make an account! This was my 5th time seeing him. Mark walked out on stage wearing a suit and the band immediately went into "Somehow the Wonder of Life Prevails". I gotta admit that with Mark there's always like at least 2/3 songs where I'm just waiting for them to be over, but that wasn't the case here. The arrangements (courtesy of Minna Choi) were beautiful. Mark acknowledged how for this tour, Minna is the one really running the band, and he credited her for bringing new life to his songs.

    I loved the strings. They joined in pretty much every song, even the few they didn't have written parts for (improvised on House Cat, Black Butterfly, and one other song I think). Only the cellist played on "I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love". His performance was pretty great considering he'd just joined/rehearsed with the band hours before. I was happy to hear "God Bless Ohio" and the Petty tribute was sweet too.

    There was a hearty amount of banter/ranting on topics like album sales, Netflix, Game of Thrones ( not a fan), and fans making requests. Before going into "Exodus" , Mark talked about Vegas and recounted to us how on his recent Florida stop he had his driver take him to Pulse so he could see it for himself and reflect upon it. While I do miss Mark playing guitar, I think this is one of the best SKM lineups yet.

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    Thanks and welcome. So I guess he is recruiting a new string section in each city? I noticed the one I saw was working off sheet music, so maybe little rehearsal is needed.

  • What's his beef with GoT?

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    What's his beef with GoT?

    Probably along the lines that it's like Peter Stringfellow's Lord of the Rings...

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    I bet he liked The Wire and doesn’t like seeing Carcetti as Littlefinger.

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