11/11/17 @ Sonic City, Kortrijk, Belgium (Sun Kil Moon)

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  • I really enjoyed this show. Once again a great band backing Mark and I loved hearing so many new songs. Daffodils as an opening worked great, very dark and brooding live. Thought all songs sounded great live. Main gripe: they only got an hour to play as it was a festival, and that's too short for a MK show. Mark got pretty pissed at a drunk guy on first row standing with his back towards the stage and his friends bantering a bit in between songs. To be fair they were a bit annoying and I don't get why you'd wanna go to a show and stand front row with your back to the performer... Especially one with a reputation as Mark has. Anyway, Mark called out for security to "remove the drunk asshole" but nobody came.. Show went on anyway without further incidents, and in the end Mark even apologized to this guy for being grumpy.

    Highlight: Nels Cline came out to play guitar on Livingstone Bramble and Dogs. Really rocked out on both songs which provided a nice contrast to the other, more slow burning songs. And of course... A big highlight, watching Mark sing "I hate Nels Cline" with the guy standing next to him.

    Nels played at the festival as well, I saw Mark in the crowd watching a bit of his set (and the Liars set later on). Didn't seem like a good idea to disturb him while he's watching a show ;-)

    Setlist was something like this:

    The Black Butterfly
    House Cat
    Chili Lemon Peanuts
    Butch Lullaby
    Livingstone Bramble (with Nels Cline)
    Dogs (with Nels Cline)

  • Just got around to seeing it. For all those guys who want to see Mark play guitar. He's shredding along a few times. :smile:

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    There's a few more from that show..

    Livingstone Bramble

    Butch Lullaby

    Chili Lemon Peanuts

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    Wow, that version of Livingstone Bramble is pretty powerful.

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    @Hans said:
    Wow, that version of Livingstone Bramble is pretty powerful.


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