11/12/17 @ Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany (Sun Kil Moon)

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  • After internally debating with myself whether I should even go to the concert, I now have to say that it was absolutely amazing. I've never seen the man so happy on stage and enjoying himself. He played 2 and a half hours and was the best kind of entertainer. The songs were arranged nicely and his banter was hilarious and vicious but not too unkind.
    He said he wrote a song that day and played it for us and it included audience participation (I'll maybe upload it on youtube, because he specifically aked that we record it and put it up there^^).
    I think his mood was so great because the sound guy was a mutual friend of his and Tim Mooney's and he reminisced about Tim. Later during the encore he even played guitar (he only sang throughout the normal set) on Glenn Tipton (with drummer Scott, they hadn't rehearsed it) as a tribute to Tim.
    During Butch Lullaby there was a moment at the end of the song where he really choked up and couldn't really continue. That was especially heartbreaking as his mood was so good.

    Might try to add a setlist later and add on to what he said as banter and so on.

    He won me back. Thank you, Mark Kozelek.

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    A great and energetic show. Daffodils from Yellow Kitchen as an opener worked surprisingly well live. It was quite tense and dark. I assume not many people in the audience knew the song.
    The new song (This is not possible) was entertaining and the audience was glad to sing along. There was a drunk guy who kept screwing up the timing. He also yelled "No pizza" during The Possum, which earned him a "Fuck You!" by Mark and some improvised lines that he loves all his fans, even the one who asked for Mistress and the drunk guy.
    Someone asked for Glenn Tipton, after Mark's rant about not playing Mistress, and Mark made an imitation of a macho fan asking for songs. Then for the encore, he played it after all, and said he was sorry for being too hard on the guy who asked for it.

    The band with Ben Boye on keys sounded fantastic. The audience reacted pretty positive to everything and Mark was laughing a lot and seemed to have a good time.

  • Thanks for uploading Lament.
    A great show...I did not even realize it was 2 hours and 30 minutes long. I thought that it was even too short.
    This is not possible is really a funny song...that kind of song that is perfect for live performances. He's not that kind of performer asking always to clap hands or chorus but sometimes a little bit of partecipation from the audience is needed.
    Agree with Hans about the opener Daffodils..Mark is right insisting on songs from Mark Kozelek and Parquet Courts' Sean Yeaton collaboration...experimental and dark songs are adding wide range of sound landscapes to his music.
    The band at the Festsaal was focused, original, especially jazz influenced bassist Tony Scherr.
    Best version I've ever heard live of The Possum so far. And of course, I must mention that moment he played with the electric guitar an outstanding version of Glenn Tipton.

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    Mark has relaxed a bit on the fan recordings. This video is embedded on sunkilmoon.com right now.

  • Someone posted audio of the whole show on Youtube.

  • Thanks for the heads up!

    My iPad took ages to load the video. I don't know if it's a problem with the wifi here, or the huge 2 hour 22 minutes length?

    Just thought I'd mention it in case other folks were also getting the circle of death, then a timeout error message. After refreshing the page 6 or 7 times, I've got it working.

    I haven't heard Yellow Kitchen. I didn't really know what to expect of Daffodils, but it's a lot better than I'd anticipated.

    Is this live version significantly different to the album version?

  • I like the live version a lot better... The repetiveness of the music and the subtle varietys hit you harder live than on record.

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