11/14/17 @ Cosmopolite, Oslo, Norway (Sun Kil Moon)

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


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    Pretty decent gig last night. Mark was in a great mood, started off with a long talk about being greeted onstage with a "fuck off", before someone explained it was actually "welcome" that was being said. Also a long talk about how he was responsible for the band Sleep's albumtitle "Dopesmoker". The band had it's 4th gig together, and was quite good. Songs off the Yeaton collab, the BB/JW collab, latest Jesu collab, chili lemon/god bless Ohio, and "I got You, Babe", with a girl from the audience. A couple of new ones (my love for you is undying), and another one seemingly written the same day, with lyrics about Norway (but might have been the same one played in Germany, with different lyrics). Everyone was allowed to film that one, and he wanted it sent to his agent for future recordings.

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