11/16/17 @ Palladium, Warsaw, Poland (Sun Kil Moon)

Please post your reviews and the setlist of the show here.


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    First Mark show in Warsaw ever and it was pretty intense. Of course he was in great mood, after show went before theater for 20 minutes. We talked a bit, smoke cigarettes (didnt want cherry flavour Djarum ) and took pics. Show was about 3h and 20 minutes. This day was his dad 84 birthday so he tried to play
    " I love my dad " I think (or maybe another family related track) but forget lyrics and play "Michelline " instead. We got new song about out country too, uploaded this to sunkilmoon and here. Maybe more about Andrew Golota boxer track than Poland but how great this was. Word Kozelek is very similiar to polish word for baby goat ( Koziołek) and probalby someone in polish crew told him about this. Also we got "Fur balls" live premiere, "Moon river " cover and always heart devastating " I cant live without mothers love ".

    Cheers. And this new mentioned track recorded by my gf from first row

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    And maybe set, but not in order or full. There wasn setlist on papersheet or thing like this, full live arranging . Request were allowed but I wasnt sure he would like to sing song like Blue Orchids so I passed out with this.

    Daffodils/ The Black Butterfly/ Fur Balls / House Cat / Golota Song / Blood Test/ I Cant Live Without Mothers Love/ A Dream Of Winter / Butch Lullaby / Chili Lemon Peanuts/ My Love For You Is Undying / Dogs / Possum / Window Sash Weights Encore : Moon River / Micheline/ Needles Disneyland / God Bless Ohio

  • Thanks for the vid!

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    You're welcome. Not sure where to send this at sunkilmoon.com (mail guy not respond) but it's ok.

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