12/18/17 @ Roxy Cinema, New York (Mark Kozelek and Kevin Corrigan)

Mark Kozelek and Kevin Corrigan sing Christmas Songs

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


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    I went, had to leave early to catch a train.

    As best as I remeber:

    Somehow the Wonder of Life Prevails
    Something about Dandelions that I had never heard, said someone else wrote the music and he wrote the lyrics
    2000 Miles
    Christmas Time is Here
    The Christmas Song
    White Christmas (Kevin sang, Mark sat right in front of me and watched)
    Unreleased song for 2018 LP
    O Come All Ye Faithful
    House Cat
    Brought up a guest, said she was in a play in NYC. She played 2 songs on ukelele

    Said they had a couple more songs as I left. Honestly pretty cringeworthy, he would start laughing during most Christmas songs, he could barely make it through O Come All Ye Faithful, started making up lyrics. Kevin Corrigan can't sing. Mark played a Jazzmaster on 3 songs, there was a keyboard and bass player. Corrigan sometimes awkwardly played a telecaster so only he could really hear it, sitting on his amp.

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    Could it be Daffodils?

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    The second song was "Daffodils" and the unreleased song was "My Love For You Is Undying." After "Gustavo," he played "A Dream Of Winter," "Do You Hear What I Hear," "I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love," and a new song about how Swedish people love candles and how one time he lit a candle and almost burned down his apartment building. Also Kevin sang The Kinks' "Big Sky" while Mark played guitar.

    i understand js98's issues with the show, but i had a good time. Mark was pretty funny, at one point mentioning how playing his new songs mixed in with the Christmas songs, he can understand why his recent work is "too challenging" for people. He mentioned that if he had been around in the '70s he'd have been as influential as Frank Zappa. the room was tiny and a lot of people left before it was over. at one point Mark made a joke about how he wasn't sure how to conduct himself in a venue so small.

    also, Tony Visconti was sitting right up front and Mark immediately asked him to move to the back because he'd make him too nervous. then he called out his booking agent for leaving the front row empty and he asked people to fill in where Tony Visconti had been sitting.

    he mentioned two albums coming out next year - one in the summer and another in November (because the material is "November oriented"). in one of the new songs, he sang about his childhood pill addiction, which he's always been private about. either he's really opening up or he's legitimately running out of writing material

  • Here's the complete set in one list, I was writing it down as I went:

    Somehow the Wonder of Life Prevails
    2000 Miles (Pretenders song)
    Little Drummer Boy
    The Christmas Song
    White Christmas (Kevin Corrigan solo vocal)
    Christmas Time Is Here
    My Love For You is Undying
    Big Sky (Kinks song)
    Nellie McKay song #1
    Nellie McKay song #2
    Dream of Winter
    House Cat
    O Come All Ye Faithful
    Do You Hear What I Hear?
    Candles (Copenhagen to Stockholm song)
    Can't Live Without My Mother's Love

    Agree with sangeronimo, I had a blast but totally understand how it wouldn't be for everyone.

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    sounds fun...Wish I could have made it!

  • Great intimate show for the holidays. Mark was in good spirits. The room only has about 100 seats in total. I agree with js98 above that Corrigan can't sing. I actually think the guy was spaced out of his mind. I have seen seen Kozelek play live countless times over the last 20+ years, and needless to say this was a very unique show. I love how he mixed in his original songs among the holiday songs. I was under the impression that it was going to be a full set of holiday songs, so I was nicely surprised to hear some favorites such as Gustavo; Somehow the Wonder of Life Prevails; and Mother. My Love For You Is Undying is really growing on me. All in all I was entertained as usual and it was nice to hear Mark actually sing for a change.

    I captured a few songs on my iPhone and the dark room did nothing to help the quality. But you can enjoy the audio.

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    geez, those preview pictures look like something out of a b horror movie.

    Seemed like a really nice version of Gustavo. Would have loved to hear that live, too. Also nice to see Mark with a guitar yet again.

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