Salvador Sanchez/Mohammed Ali

So something happened tonight very coincidental. I was working my 2nd job at Starbucks. And lately, I override the music player and play music from my ipod. Lately, I play music that's not offensive and without any curse words. So I play music like The Smiths/Morrissey, The Cure, Nick Drake, The Postal Service. So tonight I decided to play Ghosts of the Great Highway. Soon after the song, Salvador Sanchez, ended, one of our regular customers was showing another employee a picture on his ipad. It was a picture of him interviewing Mohammed Ali in 1980. Turns out he was/still is a journalist. So I told him that the singer that is playing on the loud speakers is a huge boxing fan and loves Mohammed Ali and the song that just ended was about fallen boxers. Weird but interesting.


  • Good that you play Ghosts and not one of the newer records...might have a problem with finding one without any curse words.

  • Yeah, I played April once and it was snoozefest. At least on Ghosts, Salvador Sanchez and Lily and Parrots break up the slowness.

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    Good story. In a similar vein - I once heard a RHP song playing in an antique book store in Venice. Here’s hoping the upcoming self titled album is free from swear words. My 5 year old son is learning to appreciate the Kozmeister’s work but I have to be very selective in what I play!

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