Phil Elverum on Mark Kozelek's Influence in Reddit AMA

Phil did an AMA the other day and it's really all quite interesting. Here's what he has said to a question regarding Mark's influence on the recent records:

There's also an interesting and very thoughtful part where he is posting a pamphlet he's handing out at live shows because he doesn't feel comfortable signing autographs. Here's a link to it via stereogum:


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    His new album is on NPR''s 1st Listen right now & what a beautifully sad/sadly beautiful experience it is

    Just makes me wistful thinking about Mark in the times when he could be arsed to make an effort & care about his fans & use his wonderful voice to touch people

    Now he just verbal diarrhoea's a burst catheter of bile & bored teenage stroppiness ad nauseum with absolutely zero quality control....HEY I OWN THE RECORD LABEL

    I'm sure lots of you will disagree & tell where where to go & that is of course your right

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    Did you have a couple of drinks before that one lol?

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    @KozFan said:
    Did you have a couple of drinks before that one lol?

    I'm In hospital for 2nd time this year so my health has been fairly precarious & as a result my financial situation is pretty horrible

    Just the thought of the small fortune I've spent on the man over last 25 years (my choice of course) & how I was "embarrassed" (seems the only appropriate word here) to have brought my son to see SKM for 1st time in Vicar St last December....he in fact thought Mark was just a bit mental

    Given up alcohol over a month ago to try and improve my health

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    Sorry to hear about your health challenges and best of luck with them.

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