09/08/18 @ First Church Congregational, Cambridge, MA (Mark Kozelek)

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Mark played a church in Cambridge Massachusetts last night and the show was basically stunning for 70% of the way through. Ben was on piano and Ramon on guitar. The band gelled incredibly well.

Set something like

Night Talks
MK Museum
Untitled new one
My Town
666 Post
Linda Blair
Love Undying

Mothers Love
Dream of Winter

The first probably seven songs were spectacular. Linda Blair was grating and Love Undying was a bore. The encores were pretty low energy and the night sort of petered out. But all told it was an amazing show.


  • I heard about this show, and how it was set up in more of a "classical concert" way. Out of curiosity, why would you say "My Love for you is Undying" was a bore?

  • Honestly I’m just not a fan of this song. For me it’s one of the weakest part of the new release. To me it’s very long, monotonous, and not lyrically entertaining.

  • I saw him in Brooklyn last Friday. The set list was very similar except he brought out Donny and a woman who did a duet of "I Cant Live Without My Mother".

    What did you think of Daffodils live? I thought it was incredible and probably the best out of all of them (besides the sneak preview of the song he did with Donny).

  • I love Daffodils in general. This live version was absolutely incredible. I think it is admirable of Mark to make that song a staple of his live performances despite the criticism that record got.

    A fan did join him for Mother’s Love. Mark mentioned before the encore that he sometimes does that, and immediately when he returned there was a fan who was very aggressive about wanting to do it. He shouted out that he wanted to do it immediately when Mark returned. I was a little bummed because I was hoping to raise my hand and have a shot at it myself. He did do a good job though and I can’t blame him.

    I recently released a record that is strongly influenced by Mark in the sense that it borrows one of his guitar tunings. Www.mingkissed.com and it’s under Alex Hahn on Spotify. The album is called The Erotic Review.

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