Q & A with the Koz on Phawker

Didn't see it mentioned anywhere, so here it is: http://www.phawker.com/2018/08/31/qa-with-sun-kil-moons-mark-kozelek/

Actually pretty interesting and fun read. My favorite lines are:

"At 51, I'm having fun playing music while every 50 year old I see doing reunions looks like a wind-up monkey a step away from committing suicide."


"How I deal with making life bearable in this age is that I haven't watched the news in over 40 days."


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    Less news watching may result in fewer topical songs.

  • Maybe more about dinner then.

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    Hah pleasantly surprised what a good read that was

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    He seems to be doing "proper" interviews again. I discovered a link to a scan of Rolling Stone Germany with an interview on sunkilmoon.com. Apparently, it was from July. Might translate the interesting bits later when I have time and am bored. The most interesting part was that he said he shot a documentary about the band Xylouris White and would like to release it in 2019.

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    Fun interview. He seems to talk a lot about being over 50! Poor Mark ;-)

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    I’m 10 months or so older than him 4th March 1966

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    "What coping mechanisms do you use to make life bearable in the age of Trump?"

    So Mark's being interviewed by another enlightened college graduate cuck with a degree in liberal brainwashing and intolerance, and a 100K in student debt. Great. Maybe Kyle Snowflakestein will E-mail Mark after Trump's next tweet and ask him how he's processing it.

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    Calling someone a cuck and a snowflake is always a sign of tolerance.

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    @Eric said:
    "What coping mechanisms do you use to make life bearable in the age of Trump?"

    Yeah, I don't think "coping mechanisms" is the right way to ask. Seems the big deal for him is more the internet, twitter, faccebook, pokemon all that jazz.

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