09/14/18 @ Summerhall, Edinburgh (Mark Kozelek)

Night Talks
666 Post
Mark Kozelek Museum
1983 MTV Era Music is the Soundtrack to Outsiders Being Bullied by Jocks
The Black Butterfly
I'm Not Laughing at You
This is My Dinner
Blood Test
My Love for You is Undying
Young Riddick Bowe

Little late on this, but a wonderful performance. The audience were very receptive, even though he didn't play anything released prior to 2017, and Koz seemed really genuinely pleased.

Ben and Ramon's arrangements are so pretty, eclipsing a lot of the album versions for me. 'Night Talks', 'Blood Test' and 'My Love for You is Undying' in particular.

The new songs are great as well, the drum machine is a really interesting touch.

Another great one Mark!


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    Nice one thanks for the review. There are some photos of Edinburgh on markkozelek.com one of which has an amusingly named pub/club !

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    I've seen this a few times now, that Ben and Ramon's arrangements are better than that recorded versions and, judging by his London show, I certainly agree

  • Yes! It was a sort of arts centre-complex-thing with that pub in there called The Royal Dick. Seemed like a neat little place, with lots of other things going on in there, if a bit trendy for my tastes.

    For sure on the arrangements. I think 'This is My Dinner' will work a little better with the full band like the version on YouTube, but these sparer arrangements are perfect for most of the things going on at the moment. Ben Boye is one of the finest piano players I've ever seen.

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    I thought 666 Post and Night Talks were amazing live with those two - several notches up from the recorded versions, for me.

  • Theres a recording of this up on dime. Haven't listed to it to see how it sounds but take a look!

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    Sorry for my ignorance but what's dime?

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    @WDS said:
    Sorry for my ignorance but what's dime?

    It’s an audio sharing site - http://www.dimeadozen.org

  • I cocked up my ratio on Dime ages ago... any chance anyone could stick it on Mediafire/ WeTransfer/ YouTube? I would be forever indebted.

  • Taped by SapporoRamen, all credit due to the taper. Please see notes included with zip

    artist - mark kozelek with ben boye and ramon fermin
    date - 2018-10-14
    venue - summerhall
    city - edinburgh
    country - scotland
    recording - sappororamen(front row standing)
    lineage - edirol ro9/olympus me51s>wav>lilith>flac

    setlist -
    night talks
    666 post
    the mark kozelek museum
    1983 mtv era music is the soundtrack of outcasts being bullied by jocks
    the black butterfly
    i'm not laughing at you
    this is my dinner
    blood test
    my love for you is undying
    young riddock bowe

    closest i've come to aborting a recording midshow.
    venue was way too hot.didn't have any water or sweets to keep me going.got stuck at the front.
    bad management.i was really struggling and lost my focus on the show round about the start of blood test.
    but just about managed to hang in there.for my efforts mark called me an old motherfucker and gave me a high five.
    apologies for any breathing irregularities in the second half of the show.
    it was a tough gig.
    if you had given up on mark kozelek give his self titled album from earlier this year a listen.it's good.

    https://we.tl/t-135SF3rhgo (approx 500mb)

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    Absolutely stellar! Thanks!

    Sounds great as well so far. 'Night Talks'... wow.

    Also 'Blood Test'... so much better than the & Jim White and Ben Boye album version.

    Ah yeah, just noticed I got the date wrong by the way!

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    AMAZING, Thank you

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    Someone uploaded the audio for the whole show on youtube.

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    This is a fantastic recording of what sounded like a great show. I remember being pretty uncomfortable in that venue too in summer 2015.

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