11/24/18 @ Blue Bird Festival, Vienna, Austria (Mark Kozelek)

Can confirm I'm on the ground in Austria. Totally drunk. Koz on in around 20 hours. Will report back in detail on the gig itself.

Vienna nightclubs are very similar to UK ones, same music etc. Met a couple cool Austrians.

Remains to be seen what Koz is like/ what band he has. Hoping for a different set to Edinburgh. Hope to get a recording in.

Going to check out the Third Man museum and see the Koz. Stay tuned folks.


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    Have a great time!

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    Hah can’t wait for details of the punch up between Stoner Kozelek & pissed up Gustavostillsnash & I guess there’ll be a ‘song’ Mark will write about it (that I can do without tbh)

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    @gustavostillsnash said:
    Can confirm I'm on the ground in Austria. Totally drunk.


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    Just got back, earlier than last night. Was so hungover earlier that I just couldn't face going at it again. So no confrontation with Mark 420lek.

    The venue is some sort of jazz club usually and there were lots of little tables in the middle of the room; a decent sized place actually.

    Didn't bother with the other supports, but Deer Tick were pretty good. A bit corny at points maybe but they clearly enjoy what they do and everyone seemed to be into it. Mark could be seen poking his head through the curtains briefly at one point.

    Again it was just Mark and Ben, but this time Ben had a lovely grand piano at his disposal. He really is great at that thing. Mark got a long introduction in German which I didn't understand a word of.

    He started with 'I Cried During Wall Street' which sounded lovely, followed by '666 Post' and then 'I'm Not Laughing At You'. Like this one more each time I hear it and looking forward to the studio version. It is actually a rather profound reflection on nationhood and identity.

    He chatted a bit and at one point someone shouted 'play some Modest Mouse', to which he went ballistic! He said how he didn't have time to play Modest Mouse in a one hour set and that the guy didn't have a girlfriend. It was harsh but really funny. The guy said he didn't have a girlfriend. You can hear this exchange on the recording; it's hilarious. Also some sarcastic remarks about people not liking his new stuff.

    My personal highlight was 'My Love For You is Undying'. Sounds brilliant in the sparse arrangement. 'This is My Dinner' followed, sounded lovely.

    Afterwards some people came onstage and started cutting up a blue cake and handing slices into the audience. Didn't really get it. Someone shouted 'Mark Kozelek' and the announcer mumbled something like 'uh... he knows'.

    Good night! Look forward to 2019 Koz.

    Mark Kozelek - vocals
    Ben Boye - grand piano, drum machine

    I Cried During Wall Street
    666 Post
    I'm Not Laughing at You
    My Love for You is Undying
    This is My Dinner

  • Thanks a lot for the report and the recording!

  • Really enjoyed the show in Leeuwarden the night before with Mark singing and Ben on the piano.
    The setlist was similar, although they also played Chesnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.

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    Enjoyed reading your review as my take is basically the opposite. I was at the show and it was the most miserable concert experience I've ever had. I don't hate all of Mark's recent output--"Night Talks," "Ben Boye and Jim White" and both Jesu collabs have undeniably compelling moments. But listening to these occasionally compelling, often turgid and boring songs back to back for an hour-plus was outright torturous. It's a shame to me that genuinely powerful moments (Mark's abstract vocalizations on "666 Post" and moving dead-cat story on "This is my Dinner") are buried in lugubrious, interminable songs that even Mark seemed bored with at times during the concert. I am not against Mark doing whatever he wants, but watching him listlessly read his diary entires off a page for an hour-plus is not something I'd suffer through again.

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    @beinggaywithyourdad said:
    I was at the show and it was the most miserable concert experience I've ever had.

    It's never lukewarm with Mark.

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