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Figured I would get this going again.

Catherine Wheel - Ferment

The Cure - Disintegration and Wish

Lots of Joy Division and The Smiths

In other words lots of oldies but goodies.



  • So much of my personal history on your list here..
    I am not listening to much of my music right now, It comes and goes - but I'm always willing to hear a good recommendation!
  • Aloha - Here Comes Everyone
    Brian Jonestown Massacre - Methodrone
    Deleted Scenes - Young People's Church of the Air
    Fire and the Wheel - S/T
    Idaho - Year After Year

  • Charlie, you have excellent tastes
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    Forward Russia - Give me a wall. mental stuff. had a copy when it first came out but picked up the original at the weekend.

  • been diggin' some new releases lately...

    Anberlin - Vital

    Benjamin Gibbard - Former Lives

    Faithless Town - American Refugee

    Further Seems Forever - Penny Black

    also been enjoying some vinyl re-releases, including Low's Curtain Hits The Cast & Things We Lost In The Fire, as well as the Pedro The Lion LP Box Set (including all 5 PTL albums, plus Bazan's Fewer Moving Parts EP).

    looking forward to some new Deftones & Soundgarden soon too (& of course the new Koz covers album)!
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    I would like to take this opportunity to recommend The Deftones album "Saturday Night Wrist." I like multiple Deftones albums but that one is my favorite and should appeal to the shoegaze fans we have on the boards. Thanks for reminding me, GOLDEN_BEAR.


  • @Charlie I'm listening to disintegration as well right now... perfect autumn album.


    Louis Armstrong, Cocteau Twins, Zeppelin, Swans & George Harrison

    @G0LDEN_BEAR Which Low album would you say is the best for a new listener? I've been sporadically listening to a lot of their songs and I can't seem to get into their music at all.
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    @Kulturgam with Low, I'd start with their debut I Could Live in Hope and work your way up.

    Their progression musically has been pretty amazing.

    I first heard about them when their first album came out in 1994. I read a review that compared their sound to Faith-era Cure. That's all I had to read.. listened to the album and loved it. I've seen them and met/talked with them more times than I can count. They're awesome people. 

    I put together a playlist of 2 songs from each album.

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    Hey Culture Vulture! About Low, I agree with Lament about
    the first album. Like Joy Division in slow motion, with some gorgeous harmonies added.

    Or you could try his pretty darn good playlist on YouTube. “Shame”
    and “Over the Ocean” are some of my favorite songs ever. Another option is the
    live album “One More Reason to Forget”, kind of limited edition, but should be
    available online... Some people seem to think “Secret Name” is their best
    album, since it sounds like the first ones, but a little less bleak, more ordane
    – cellos, acoustic guitars, samples, not just echoing electric guitars.

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    I Like the first two Low albums, "I Could Live in Hope" and "Long Division" and think that those would both be good to start with.

  • @Charlie, YES - Saturday Night Wrist is most definitely the best Deftones album!
    From the songwriting, to the production, to the lyrics - it's one of my all-time favorite records.

    @Kulturgam, I tend to agree with Lament - if you're new to LOW, it's probably best to start from the beginning & work forward in their discography.

    here's my quick rundown:

    LOW's first 3 albums  (I Could Live in Hope, Long Division, & The Curtain Hits the Cast)  definitely fall into that minimalist/shoegaze/slowcore vein - of which they large in part helped to pioneer.

    Their next 2 albums  (Secret Name & Things We Lost in the Fire)  begin to experiment more with additional tones & textures, expanding on the band's trademark minimalist approach.

    & finally, over the course of their next 4 albums  (Trust, The Great Destroyer, Drums & Guns, and C'mon)  we see LOW incorporate a wide range of elements to their ever-evolving sound including electronics, distortion, louder dynamics, & even stereo experimentation.

    Throughout the course of LOW's 9 studio albums, they have slowly & steadily evolved their sound, & done so more gracefully & artistically than most bands who have been active since the early 90's.
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    Dan Arborise- Around In Circles (sounds better in the summer months really)

    Codeine- The White Birch

    January- Motion Sickness

    Hammock- Departure Songs

  • I need to fill in the gaps with Deftones as I just have White Pony and Diamond Eyes. I love the dirty 8-string guitar sound. Heavy yet melodic. Thats why I like Isis too. Oceanic and Panopticon by them are superb.

    Been listening to Sonic Youth, Oceansize, Bob Mould (reissue of Hubcap, Last Dog & Pony Show and Live Dog, excellent 3CD set), The Cribs, Modest Mouse, Nick Cave.

    Also have the new Godspeed You! Black Emperor album which am yet to play.........

  • American Football - All of Us
    Basement - colourmeinkindness
    Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
    Ryan Adams - III/IV

  • @headsore_71, that Cardinals record is so killer!

    such a shame the band didn't release it when they were still together touring...

    easily some of the best, most interesting material they wrote, not to mention their best band lineup!

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    Ben Howard - The Burgh Island EP

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    @sg70471 - Check out the Afghan Whigs live cover of "If There's Hell Below" from the "Live at Howlin' Wolf" ep. It kicks so much ass. It was on Grooveshark last time I checked.

    I'm listening to the first The Cinematic Orchestra album and the album "Autumn Days" by a singer / songwriter that is new to me called Gus Black. Not amazing but good. It will probably grow on me.!/s/If+There+s+Hell+Below+We+re+All+Going+To+Go/1S0cKR/overview?src=5

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    @Kulturgam did you end up checking out any more Low?

  • bought Heirlooms of August - Forever the Moon & Desertshore - Drifting Your Majesty over the weekend, both are fantastic albums!

    I think it's great that Mark's former band mates are now label mates...

    though it really makes me want to see some type of full band RHP/SKM reunion...

    or better yet, a new group combining elements from all 3 acts!
    (ie the Koz in all his glory, the classical/dream-rock vibes of Desertshore, & the earthy americana elements of Heirlooms of August.)

    in any case, I think it's awesome that these guys are still creating great music after all these years!

    kudos to Koz & Co.

  • Excellent! I played the itunes clips of Drifting Your Majesty and it sounds like exactly the stuff I want Koz to do more of so I will be ordering the CD for sure. Will check out Heirlooms too :)

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    Apart from the recently arrived Kozelek CDs (more on these very soon):

    Dinosaur Jr - I Bet On Sky
    Neil Young - Psychedelic Pill
    Caught In The Wake Forever - Against A Simple Wooden Cross
    Mark Eitzel - Don't Be A Stranger
    The Cure - Bloodflowers
    Type O Negative - World Coming Down
    Sparklehorse - It's A Wonderful Life
    Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

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    It has been absurdly cold here the last couple days after extended unseasonable warmth pre-hurricane, so I'm in a chilly playlist right now.

    Spokane - Little Hours

    Vic Chesnutt - North Star Deserter

    Codeine - Frigid Stars

    American Music Club - Mercury

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    @klaher - How are the Mark Eitzel and Dinosaur Jr. albums?

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    I like them both very much. Here are 2 reviews au wrote:

    Dinosaur Jr:

  • new dinosaur Jr is pretty good i must say, and lous contribution below is ruddy marvellous

  • Sublime - 40 oz to freedom

  • personally i think the new james yorkston record is a work of art. here's two tracks -

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    @makelikepaper, thanks for this James Yorkston. I will be seeking out some more of his stuff for sure.

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