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hello guys !

here's a link to my music:

sure, the name of this project comes from "blue orchids"...

i'm currently working hard on my first album. we'll record this summer / fall. updates on the facebook page. so if you like new wave slowcore acoustic dream pop, i guess this might interest you...

so thanks for checking out and best wishes from lausanne, switzerland.



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    thats roseland song sounds strikingly similar to "River"

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    I don't hear "River" in Roseland myself but I do like it a lot.

  • hey guys !

    thanks a lot for the feedback.

    "river" ? don't hear this too. which part of "river" ? which version ? well, this music we make is kinda like a melting pot: you can hear some various stuff like JENIFEREVER, OWEN, THE GOD MACHINE, JOY DIVISION, BATHS, SPOKANE and also every koz-related projects, i guess, sparse news for now but stay tuned ! merci.


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    Im not even sure which version..whatever

    when's the debut coming out?

  • yo !

    thanks for your interest. well, we properly record this summer and fall. planned to be released at the beginning of next year. more updates soon !

    be well,


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    diggin' it bro,

    has a bit of that Desertshore vibe goin' on - which is fantastic!

    keep us posted.

  • thanks a lot !!!

  • hi everybody !

    what's up ?

    our highly anticipated first album "roseland" will be available in november 2014.
    record cover, misc infos & new website here:
    we're gonna shoot a video for our single "life in every breath" early august.

    still looking for a label who'd be interested in releasing the vinyl in 2015.

    thanks for your interest. you might enjoy this music.
    some songs are close to early RHP.

    best from lausanne, switzerland.


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    hi everybody,

    how are you ?

    it's time for an update about my upcoming debut album, "roseland".

    here we go for preorders:

    "roseland" is a blend of misc influences but some songs are really early RHP-driven tunes, i swear ! (and our band name comes from "blue orchids" as it was mentioned before...) our video for our first single "life in every breath" will be aired on youtube october 27.

    thanks for your interest and support.
    rock on !


  • our video for "life in every breath" will finally be available on youtube this sunday october 19th. stay tuned !

  • our video for "life in every breath" from our upcoming debut album "roseland" is online now:

    enjoy !

  • hi everybody,

    our debut album "roseland" is finally out ! you can listen and download it FOR FREE here:

    for fans of early RED HOUSE PAINTERS slowcore, dream pop, shoegaze, post hardcore and whatever comes from a lonely heart.

    mixed and mastered by magnus lindberg (CULT OF LUNA).

    enjoy and best wishes from lausanne, switzerland.


  • hi everybody,

    what's up with THE VIEW ELECTRICAL ?...

    -a new video coming soon for "death and the young man" (september)
    -an EP featuring remixes by charlie looker (EXTRA LIFE, PSALM ZERO, DIRTY PROJECTORS, ...) and justin k broadrick (GODFLESH, JESU, FINAL, ...) (october)

    we can't wait to share these releases with you !
    thanks for your attention,

    best wishes,


  • Hi everybody,

    Happy to announce the release of "Roseland Remixes". The EP will showcase various remixes of our first album by extremely talented artists like Justin K Broadrick, dälek and many more. Out on March 3 on Czar Of Crickets Productions!

    Also, stay tuned for our upcoming video on February 22...! (And I'll be at the Paris JESU / SUN KIL MOON show... Who's coming ?)

    Best !!


  • hi friends !

    i'm glad to let you know that our sophomore album is out now !!
    it's called "heiligenstadt". with one song featuring DÄLEK.
    slowcore, we are, for sure. please, listen to this one:

    just as a reminder, our band name comes from "blue orchids" on "april".
    we also worked with justin broadrick. another remix he did is coming soon...

    thanks for listening and supporting,
    best wishes from lausanne, switzerland.


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