Mark Kozelek & Desertshore

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Sweet, new MK vocals over non-MK music on 8/20.



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    Awesome! Cant wait.

    Held out on the past two Desertshore records but this one is a must. It even has Mark's name on it.

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    I bet this one will be extremely good. The first couple songs on Drawing of Threes are incredible. Drummer on this album too!

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    Holy crap, check the summary out on Caldo Verde . Sounds awesome! This is some year for Koz fans!

    I never got round to buying the first 2 Desertshore records and was going to buy Drawing of Threes in a few days to get the Malmo live CD. I know he sings on like the first have of that. Does he sing on much of Drifting Her Majesty?

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    Mark goes to visit his shrink who tells him that he's suffering from CORS.'What's that?' Mark asks.'Compulsive Obsessive Release Syndrome'.Mark then says 'While i'm here i keep having these 2 recurring dreams...sometimes i dream im a wigwam,sometimes i dream im a teepee...what can it mean?' His shrink strokes his chin looks him in the eye and says 'Mark you're two tents (too tense)'.All joking aside im really happy at the prospect of a full band sound and love the cover too.Looks,from what I can make out,similar to the great RHP album cover days.Funny to see/hear there is swearing not just in the recent songs but even in the song titles too on this release.

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    Oh wow, really is a great year for MK fans! Just need to keep my eyes peeled now so I don't miss this and Perils from the Sea on vinyl...

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    Sounds very promising!

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    @Thunderbolt - in my opinion "drawing of three's" is essential koz. some great tracks reminiscent of "old ramon" and "songs for a blue guitar" but with its on spin on it. buy them both i reckon.

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    @makelikepaper - I love the sound of Desertshore. I nearly downloaded Drawing of Threes last week but then noticed that I can order it in a few days and get the Malmo CD. The new one sounds utterly fantastic, the kind of album I've wanted him to do for years!

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    Mark singing a song about an encounter with Anton Lavey?... Who would have thought!
    Anyway, a nice surprise.

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    No idea who Anton Lavey is.

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    MrHanky said:
    No idea who Anton Lavey is.

    Sorry, I could not resist...

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    this is absolutely fantastic news!

    I noticed a Desertshore Facebook posting a week or few ago where they mentioned something along the lines of 'writing new material', glad to see that Koz is involved again!!!


    definitely check out Drifting Your Majesty, too - it's SUCH a killer record!
    music-wise, I enjoy it even more than Drawing of Threes (which I also adore).

    now if we could just get Koz to tour with Desertshore & Heirlooms of August, we'd practically have an RHP/SKM FULL BAND REUNION!!!!!

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    so we're now up to ELEVEN Koz related releases this year alone?!

    possibly more, assuming we see the I'll Be There vinyl release, among others...

    I had to double count it just to believe the surreality!

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    Eleven? Counting only CDs I get the following:

    Like Rats

    Live at Phoenix

    Live at Mao

    Perils From The Sea

    To come:

    Live at Malmo

    MK & Desertshore

    Am I missing something?

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    I was counting the new Heirlooms of August release (which is kind of a stretch, I guess), along with the vinyl releases of ATL & DoT...

    maybe I shouldn't have counted different audio format releases too.

    even still, that's a TON of material in one year's time - not even Ryan Adams could keep up with this pace!

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    AaronHenry said:
    Awesome! Cant wait.

    Held out on the past two Desertshore records but this one is a must. It even has Mark's name on it.

    Definitely don't pass on the 2nd Desertshore.. half of the songs have Mark on vocals.

  • "Diana" from Drawing of Threes is the most-played song on my new-ish computer's iTunes.

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    First sample from the upcoming album -- "Katowice Or Cologne":

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    liking the demo

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    Yeah just heard Katowice or Cologne - great to hear some drumming, guitars sound really good too!

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    hahaha this song is nuts

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    Sounds like a mature updated Old Ramon 2.0

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    they should just call this Red House album

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    this is a good start! excited to hear the rest of the record.

  • Loving the drums and guitar on this song. At this rate we might even get a new RHP album like sdnelso said.

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    Reminds me of the Early Day Miners' early records.

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    Nice track, reminds me a bit of Sea and Cake

  • @mogambo I was thinking the exact same thing.

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    I just changed my mind. Reminds me of American Football.

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    Pre-order has gone up on Caldo Verde. It comes with a free Malmo CD. Clearly I have no life.

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