Shameless Self-Promotion Thread

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We had this before...and I think it should be continued. Any forum members who play their own music?

Here´s my electro pop thing:



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    I really like these, particularly 'Fragrance.' Are you a professional musician? They sound great, love the vocals too.

    I usually do folky stuff, but I did this kind of shoegaze type instrumental a while back. It's really short and simple.

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    I played in a band called Elmo Red until we split up (nothing too dramatic, though) in early 2008. We managed to record and release an album, which we named "The End". (Just months before the breakup! The irony!)

    Anyway, we're actually on Spotify these days! Listen if you'd like, link below! First song is real slow, but that shouldn't be an issue for Koz-fans, right? In case it is, just skip to number 2, or 3, or any really, they're all kind of different from each other in terms of tempo, arrangements, etc - although all of it's just generic indie/alternative stuff, hehe!

  • I used to have a band called Last Tide (ha) which you can find here:

    I was never all that happy with how that full-length turned out, we got very bogged down in the recording process and eventually released something that wasn't what it should have been, particularly the vocals. But some stuff turned out well (White Oak, Dust, April, and Florida Ave are the best recordings I think.)

    I've just started a band, but we don't have a name or any recordings yet.

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    @LettersinKanji White Oak sounds great! Love the drums. As for the vocals, it’s always very subjective what you think of them, but I think they sound like a mix of Bill Callahan and Edwyn Collins (and I mean that as a good thing, of course!).

    Have you heard Finish band Cats on Fire, by the way? :)

  • Here's a couple of my songs:
    Sleep Out - Ether Ore:

    Sleep Out - Black Cat Found - complete with silly video:

    If you like either one, please listen to the whole album (and our other 2) on Spotify. Our last two records were produced by Dylan Magierek who recorded some of MK's stuff in San Francisco:

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    Hello all,

    I make mostly instrumental electronic somewhat dreamy stuff nowadays, occasional guitars. Ambient, progish, organic and largely melodybased.

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    Nice!! Black Cat Found sounds lovely.

  • @Pierre21 Thanks so much! I thought the thread had gotten buried but am so pleased you liked my track! Anyone who's on the forum, please feel free to DL the whole album at no charge here:

    Just click the link that says "album download". I hope you enjoy it! Our older albums are up on Spotify, iTunes, amazon etc.

  • Salvador_Sanchez, Sleep Out has that 4AD pop sound. I'm gonna check it out on Spotify. Thanks for sharing.

  • @salvador_sanchez
    really cool sounding stuff

  • Thanks @blackattic and @aaronhenry! Very nice of you guys and I appreciate it!

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    sad/slowcoreish stuff i make. i started an album with a full band, but one by one the members started to leave until it was just me finishing the album, hence the title.

  • @MLM Dig that full band stuff. Just the kind of Slowcore I like.

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    I saw this thread so:

    Espialist - Somnambule EP.

    To record it, I rented someones home with my girlfriend for the weekend. The owner is a massage therapist, so she had an upstairs, isolated yoga / massage room. So, I recorded it live in there. Then when I got home, dubbed a subtile ambient guitar track on it.

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    This is a great thread! :D Really diggin' everyones music on here!

    If you fine, talented folks get a moment,
    check out my project @

    I collaborate with one other musician.
    And my beautiful wife adds vocals to the song, "Where The Ocean Sleeps" :)

    We record on a laptop that is 8 years old.
    Our instruments are dirt cheap.
    And most of our equipment barely works.


  • @JackGrace33
    Wow love the song "Where The Ocean Sleeps"

  • since everybody else has been sharing...

    here's a track that will be on a solo record I hope to release soon.

    I wrote it back in 2007 after seeing the Coen Brothers film No Country For Old Men.

    as with most of the songs on my record, this one falls more into the Ryan Adams meets Damien Jurado vein of folk alternative - but you'll definitely notice some Anthony Koutsos-esque influence on the drums to back this slow freetime dirge.


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    Alright, here are two bands I'm in.

    Water Babies :
    Mostly pop-rock songs, energetic and fun to play. With a hint of Jesus Lizard on "I'm a Spy". I play bass or guitar depending on the song.

    Every Man has your Voice :
    You can only listen to four songs and I'm not on those, I've replaced the former guitar player a year ago.
    But it's still an album of one of my bands I guess...


  • here's something totally different i guess

  • makelikepaper said:
    here's something totally different i guess

    Really nice.

  • Release an EP a few days ago. Instrumental dream pop/prog/electronic stuff. :)

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    I don’t like doing the self-promotion gag on here but I couldn’t resist sharing that my band The 77s are featuring an album compiled of tunes from our current tour set list on Noisetrade ~~

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    What the hell. I'll throw my stuff in the mix.

    Three albums and a b-side comp, Burn the Evidence. Generally acoustic stuff except for Age of Dawn which is WAY more orchestral.

  • I guess i'll play along. Here's my last song: July.

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    I'll play too. Got a band here in India called Slow Down clown. I am the frontman, and write all the songs. Played a few festivals and gigged around the country. They play the music on radio here and we have a music video on VH1 India. Here is the band camp link to my EP and full length debut. Also a link to the music video.


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    Hi guys, I made a new music video called Trust. The song has little to do with Mark Kozelek, however it also features another board member, Pigmento. I have met him in real life, but first contact came via Sadreminders.

    I hope you enjoy it...

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    nice stuff, cool video

  • Some seriously talented people on here! Here's one of my songs

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    Here's something I recently finished for my lo fi project, Exit From The Auditorium. Recorded at home, nothing too fancy and very tongue in (bearded) cheek:

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