The forum has a new look (and a new URL)!

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Hopefully you've all found the new forum by now.

The good news is that you don't need to do anything - all your stuff is still right where it was. Just login and go!

I updated the maintenance message at the forum's previous location so hopefully the transition is smooth while the DNS propagates.

The reason for the move: now points to Tumblr and the site is being hosted there, which means the forum which previously lived at /forum had to move. Additionally, the old forum (the one from 2003-2012) has a new home as well:

You'll notice a new, cleaner theme based on Twitter's bootstrap. I still need to do some tweaks, but I'm pretty happy with it.

If you're having trouble logging in, or If you see any weirdness or you're having trouble, reply here, hit me up on Twitter (@sadreminders) or jason at Be sure to clear your cookies and cache first.



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    Thanks Lament. Looks good, but I think might take a little getting used to. Was so used to the old look. Anyways, onwards and upwards

  • looks nifty @lament, as always.

    thanks for all you put into this site, it's greatly appreciated!

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    Thanks for keeping this going, lament! I really loved the old forum look. This new forum is more modern looking and I like the colors but it's harder on my old eyes for some reason. Is there a way to make the font size bigger? Tried changing the size in my browser and but it won’t change.

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    @micro77s which browser? CTRL + (plus) will zoom the page on Chrome PC (Command + on Mac).

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    Tried it on Safari and it worked ~~ that really helps, thank you!

  • Missing the previous forum layout I have to say. Not logged in for a couple of weeks which is a long time for me. Sadly on my work computer I am forced to use IE which is crap. I keep getting a 'Stop running this script?' dialogue box up and every page is slow to load. Any reason for this?

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    @Thunderbolt can you take a screenshot of the error? Also sorry you have to use IE.. I would quit that job. :)

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