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I know the band Idaho have been brought up on the forum in years past but I thought I'd try to revive the topic. Jeff Martin is an exceptional and prolific songwriter. I loved their last record "You Were a Dick" - such a great title, btw. I've since gone back and gotten all of their other albums. Are there any big Idaho fans on the forum? I'd love to know your favorite tracks or anything you'd like to share about this band. Here's my favorite track from their latest record.



  • My old band was heavily influenced by This Way Out and Hearts of Palm-era Idaho, and Year After Year is one of my favorite albums. I am a little bit unsure whether I want to post God's Green Earth or Endgame. Let's say Endgame.

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    @lettersinkanji I don't have this record and I thought I'd grabbed them all. Thanks for posting it! What was your band called?

  • @salvador_sanchez Yeah, Year After Year was their first, and maybe best. Out of print for a long time, unfortunately, and whoever owns it doesn't seem inclined to put it on Spotify, either.

  • I found it! I have a link if you don't have your copy handy and want to listen to it. Just let me know.

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    I have it too, I can FLAC it and send a copy if people want it. Didn't know it was oop.

    I love Idaho. Heart Of Palms, Levitate and the Alas/Forbidden Fruit EPs are incredible records. Year after Year is good too, with some very noisy slowcore songs.

    I saw them live once and I wasn't that thrilled though, Martin played with headphones on, which didn't make for a very lively or interactive show.

  • I could be wrong about this, but I'm under the impression that Year After Year, This Way Out, and Three Sheets to the Wind (all for Caroline Records) are all out of print, actually.

  • Thanks for the topic! I found a couple Idaho albums when I was exploring some other 'slowcore' stuff awhile back but hadn't really given them their due. I enjoyed Three Sheets just fine, but when I clicked that link for "Endgame" I was instantly hooked. I have a feeling I'll be listening to Year by Year a lot for the next couple weeks...

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    Do you mean CD's ? Because obviously LP's are long OOP, but I'm surprised CD's would be...

  • @Pierre21 The CD's are still relatively easy to get used copies of online at places like amazon (whereas getting them on vinyl is near impossible), but they are technically no longer in print since you can't purchase them new at a reasonable price. I did just snag some cassettes for a good price on ebay though!

  • Yeah @dynamicinception is right about the CDs. People have asked Jeff about getting them on Spotify at least and he's said he has no control over it at all.

  • HUGE Idaho fan here, too!

    assuming you guys can't find any of their material to purchase wherever, I'd be happy to share files via Dropbox, etc.

    I've got nearly everything they've released.

    I was able to find the majority of their material via CD back in the mid/late 00's, but even then, I had to special order them from a record store in Decatur, GA.

    from my experience, vinyl versions of nearly ALL his back catalogue are virtually impossible to find, unfortunately.

    I very much enjoy every Idaho album, but my favorite is probably Alas.

    the Forbidden EP/Alas reissue is fantastic by the way, with a disc full of truly random b-sides & a great pamphlet with photos & background story on its recording process. I'd assume there are still physical CD copies of this available over at IdahoMusic:

    Jeff runs a lot of that site himself, & is relatively responsive on their message boards too!

    last I heard, he was planning on trying to reissue Hearts of Palm on vinyl, though I've not seen any updates recently on that front...

    I believe he was also working on putting together a documentary compiling years worth of tour footage Idaho had filmed.

    Jeff also dabbles in film, having released a short film with the You Were a Dick vinyl (not too shabby, actually?!), in addition to directing many of his own music videos, & even directed a video for Americana Singer-Songwriter Peter Bradley Adams' side project, Down Like Silver.

    the You Were a Dick is still available on vinyl, & is cut directly from a hi-res 24 bit master onto 180 gram vinyl. sounds fantastic, stellar record!

    PM me if you guys need any files, though I'd highly recommend purchasing what you can through his site, or even on iTunes, as Jeff surely deserves a cut, even if it's a measly one.

    sorry for the rambling, I just love me some Idaho.

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    Okay, so reading this thread caused me to listen through You Were a Dick. Never heard of Idaho before. Mightily impressed. Thanks for sharing!

  • @G0LDEN_BEAR Thanks so much for the post and the offer!

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    Thanks for the heads up guys. I've heard a lot about Idaho over the years, but never really got around to checking them out until reading this post. Consider me converted

  • yeh, i bought a bunch of stuff from jeff and he very kindly signed all of them and even through in a free 7". seemed like a great guy.

  • This Way Out remains my favorite release by Idaho, it's just too good. Year After Year, Three Sheets to the Wind, and The Bayonet EP are stellar too. Can't seem to get into the later stuff though. Maybe I need to give it another deep listening.

  • Hopefully bandcamp's analytics will lead Jeff back to this thread once he sees his sales spike this week. Jeff - here we are....the lost tribe.

  • Amen. I just got my cassette copies of the first two albums in the mail today and they are instant favorites. Absolutely gorgeous music.

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    Just giving this topic a bump b/c Idaho are god damn great and you should listen to them. I made a Spotify playlist of all of their records (edit: the ones available on Spotify). Put it on random and enjoy!

  • Spoke with Jeff on facebook a few weeks back a compilation live vinyl is coming out this year.

  • I'm a huge Idaho fan!

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    In 1995, I flew out to the Tempe, Arizona area from California with my buddy - just to go record shopping at all the Zia's (and other record stores in that area).

    We're at the record store, grabbed the local paper showing what bands are playing in town, and Cranes were playing. Idaho opened. Great show!

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    Now I have the song 'maybe it's cause you were a dick to me at high school' in my head for some bizarre reason!

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    A couple years ago on his message board and Discogs, Jeff said a reissue of Hearts of Palm on vinyl was coming soon. Too bad nothing ever happened.

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    @amnesiac, here's Jeff's own words regarding those back catalogue vinyl releases via the Idaho message board at

    "Yes, a live double LP is about to be mixed. Will come out later this year with a new record to follow in early '16. I will start to press the older releases later this year if all goes as planned. Unfortunately I can't press 3 sheets as that's forever owned by Universal :("

    so not only can we plan on a live retrospective & a new Idaho record within the next year or so, we'll also get repressings of those old school Idaho records too!

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    One word comes to mind: awesome.

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    Thanks to this thread I have discovered this amazing band. I've loved every album I've listened to so far.

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    A great band indeed. I think that this forum also introduced me to Idaho too - back in 2007.

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    Hven't heard much Idaho, but thought this might be important to share. John Berry has passed away in his sleep.

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