Afghan Whigs

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YES! Finally some dates outside of London. I have my ticket for Manchester Cathedral. I have waited a long time for this!


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    I think the new song is decent but not great. I also wonder why Rick decided to leave the band?

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    There is stuff from GD as well as from the guitarist himself about how he's in a really bad state (North Dakota anyone?) and needs to sort himself out (Uncut certainly had something about it in an interview in this month's issue). I really like Algiers but really hope they will make it over here to Ireland

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    New album due in April.

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    god id love to see them, need a full tour. i had it in mind to get gentlemen on earlier in fact hmmmm :o

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    I finally got to see them on the 1965 tour.

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    @klaher Strong rumour Afghan Whigs will play either Forbidden Fruit or Longitude (speaking of which Parquet Courts and Massive Attack recent additions to that line-up)

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    Well I finally saw the Whigs live, it has made my year as it was a band I thought I'd never get to see. Greg Dulli was properly belting it out and the band were on top form. I appreciate the new album more since hearing the songs live as they sounded excellent played live.

    Highlights as well as enjoying the new songs were My Enemy, Gentlemen, Going To Town, John The Baptist, Faded and a devastating When We Two Parted.

    Also I've been playing the last 3 Twilight Singers records (Dulli's post Whigs band) a lot recently. Hope Greg makes time for another TS record !

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    I like their new album a lot, but I still think that GENTLEMEN and BLACK LOVE are their masterpieces.

    At that time these albums were soundtracks for some bad relationships and I think there´s no better music to cope with a broken heart than Koz and the Afghan Whigs! :-) You can shout and dance and yell, oohhh Baby!

    I saw them live in 1996 in Frankfurt. It was a wonderful show although my then-girlfriend didn´t show up as promised and so she became my ex-girlfriend ;-). Greg Dulli drank two bottles of red wine during the show and for the encore he stepped down to us, the public, dancing a waltz with a girl in the crowd like a druken bear. It was marvellous. Dulli really rocks and the band has a great groove.

    Yet, I miss Rick McCollum on the new album. His guitar is so thrilling and emotional.

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    Yes Gentlemen is one of the few albums that has no weak tracks.

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    Off to day 3 of Longitude Festival in Dublin tomorrow with Massive Attack,Afghan Whigs and Conor Oberst among the highlights

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    @MrHanky what did you think of the Whigs set then? I love Gentleman, love Black Love even more and also think that 1965 never got the credit it deserved. Have all you Whigs fans checked out Dulli's albums with The Twilight Singers? I've had Blackberry Belle, Powder Burns and Dynamite Steps on a lot recently

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    And there is that one with Mark Lanegan too.

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    The Gutter Twins.

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    @Thundetbolt I really enjoyed it though it was shorter than Id hoped.They really were tighter than a gnats chuff(copyright Viz) and the Whelans tent was an ideal setting for them...Shame they were competing with Jimmy Vinny Mac on the main stage who was always gonna draw a big crowd.We spotted the bass player John Curley rambling around earlier and had a quick chat.Would have loved to hear Faded to close the set

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    I got the closing Faded I was hoping for, it just about made up for not hearig Crime Scene Part One, Debonair, Bulletproof and Summer's Kiss. Oh well, you can't have it all. John Curley was well into the gig, really enjoying it, nice to hear the Rickenbacker bass too

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    Time to give this a long overdue bump. Boy do I love Greg Dulli, both his Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers stuff. It seems Gentlemen & Black Love get talked about the most. Whilst they are certainly awesome, I feel Congregation is somewhat overlooked, a fantastic album. Also the Uptown Avondale EP & all their great soul covers. Sadly, Dave Rosser who joined in 2014 passed away last summer

    Check out this majestic arrangement of their classic 'When We Two Parted', it really is something else. Stunning, spine tingling stuff with the added guitar intro & ‘Dead Body’ tag.

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    Thanks for this Thunderbolt. Incredible. Dulli is a straight out genius.

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    They have reissued Gentlemen and Black Love in expanded editions. Maybe others will follow.

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