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Might as well start this up on the new forum.

I'm Jason, owner of the site. I recently moved to San Francisco's East Bay from San Diego last year with my wife and 3-year-old son. 

I've been running this site since the day Ghosts of the Great Highway came out in November 2003. I originally owned because Mark didn't have an Internet presence, but then his lawyer came after me in April 2004 so I gave up the domain and bought :)

I first heard Red House Painters in 1994 on alternative radio. On a late-night freeform radio show, he played "Medicine Bottle" and I was floored. I've been hooked ever since!



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    I had heard of Kozelek but hadn't heard Red House Painters till 1999, Grace Cathedral Park on an Uncut Magazine CD. Couldn't get enough of the music, and still can't.
  • I used to be GGDFAN25 on here but seeing as the Goo Goo Dolls suck now and I've drifted away from them towards Gaslight Anthem and the Replacements and other bands with that kinda sound, I figured I'd change my username to something more fitting on a Kozelek forum...

    I've seen Mark live 5 or 6 times now, his music can always reach a place that's hard to find... 
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    I used to be Carry Me Ohio and then Charles on the old forums because Charlie had already been taken. 4AD is my all time favorite record label and a friend must have told me to check the Red House Painters out in the early to mid 00's. I have been hooked on everything Koz ever since. :) 
  • Hi, I used to be DaveC on the old forum. I've renamed myself Thunderbolt in homage to the sleeve of my favourite Red House Painters album, Rollercoaster. I've had a thing about wooden coasters since I was a kid, so love the artwork, title track and album for that reason too!

    I too discovered them around 1999 through Grace Cathedral Park on the Uncut compilation CD already mentioned, and also another free magazine CD from around the same time which had the Bridge version of New Jersey on.

  • Hello, Kulturgam from Sweden on the old forum.

    I discovered RHP in 2007 through "24" and fell in love with it instantly.
  • I'm Keren from Israel, first time logging on this forum. 
    I haven't seen Koz live, when he visited in my country in May I was living in Milan. This also explains my nick which is direct English for Caldo Verde. Hooked on Koz since Ghosts, discovered in 2004.
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    I cant remember when I first discovered RHP. I think it was summer of 95, on a public radio station. They played some Nick Drake on the same show.
  • I first discovered Red House Painters in July 1992. A friend of mine worked for Warner Brothers Music (4AD was distributed by them at the time) and he played me "Medicine Bottle" from the promo cassette  of "Down Colorful Hill" -- I've been hooked ever since. I've seen Koz well over a dozen times including with Red House Painters on the Rollercoaster tour with Heidi Berry. 

    I live in Moorestown, NJ, right off of N. Church Street.
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    I'm Jake and I first heard Mark Kozelek in 2003 having purchased his Rock'n'roll singer EP. I had been a fan of AMC for a while before that and I guess that's how I found out about RHP & SKM.

    I've seen Mark live six times now, various Union chapel gigs, whilst on holiday in Spain and the gig in Bristol on a boat (uk blues)

    Love all of his work, although the live album releases are becoming a little tiresome now!
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    I'm Bob from Virginia.  My brother first turned me on to SKM with the Ghosts CD.  I remember hearing Carry Me Ohio on XM satellite radio around the same time.  Probably the XMU new music channel.  Ever since then, I've acquired everything that MK has released and plenty of live stuff off Youtube.  It's become a musical obsession of sorts.  I much prefer his electric music but that doesn't keep me from seeing him live when he comes around.  Here's a link to several photos that I took at his recent DC show in late September:!/photo.php?fbid=4582877126995&set=a.4582870206822.186897.1143961435&type=3&theater
  • The name's Francis Soyer, but everybody calls me Psycho. Any of you guys call me Francis, and I'll kill you.
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    I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I was living in London when the first RHP CD came out and was instantly besotted. I automatically bought everything on 4AD in those days, as Ivo had such good taste, and I've followed MK since. I got to see RHP a bunch of times in London in '92/'93, and I reckon I've seen RHP/SKM/MK over 20 times. I've lived back in Dublin for over 15 years, and I've travelled quite a few times to London, Stockholm & Paris to see him since then, to ensure I get enough of a fix !
    I'm a fan of so much music, going to 70-80 shows a year across all sorts of bands, but MK, Lucinda Williams and Morrissey would be my Desert Island discs (my first ever concert was The Smiths in 1984, when I was 16, and met them back-stage, so I was hooked).

    I was BCL on the old Forum but gave up that moniker shortly after joining in favour of this one.

  • Hi all! First heard RHP in...'95 or '96? Vaguely remember an article in Bay Area Music (RIP) magazine. Or possibly they were mentioned in connection with Mark Eitzel? Bought Rollercoaster; mind blown. First saw him at the Berkeley Square (RIP) when Blue Guitar came out, and probably every SF show through '03, but haven't seen him since.

    Very excited to see him here in LA in February.
  • I used to go on the other forum but never registered. I used to be a casual fan but then I decided to start collecting his music and am now up to 33 albums including live shows. My favorite album I own is from a show in 2004 @ The Great American Music hall in San Francisco, that had strings and two guitars. Im 14 and live in NYC
  • When I was a freshman in college in 2003, I binged on music, basically checking out anything I had ever heard of or that anyone recommended to me. I already liked Low and somebody recommended RHP as another slowcore band to check out. I found an mp3 of the Vanilla Sky version of "Have You Forgotten" and have been hooked ever since. I've had the opportunity to see Mark live I guess about four times at this point, most recently at Music Hall of Williamsburg this fall. Unfortunately I've never seen him with more than one accompanist -- could have gone to the Philly stop of the '04 strings tour but didn't, and was on study abroad in Europe when he toured the US with RGC. I've retained the same handle here that I had on the old forum.
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    Cruiser here, was Cruiser on the old forum and will be Cruiser on the forum after that ;)
    got into RHP after a work friend introduced them too me in about 2000. was instantly hooked and spent the next year or so indulging myself in the back catalogue. he's the one artist i've followed most rigorously all my life, it's been hard work :p i live in northern Ireland by the sea and love the summer months when i thaw out and can open the windows to my back garden, sit on the lounger and play a choice MK album through the windows. 
  • Salutations, fellow Sad Reminders.

    G0LDEN BEAR here  (aka: Beginning's Eve).

    Thought it was about time to change up the ol' moniker.

    I found out about the Koz by means of the Vanilla Sky Soundtrack back in the early 00's, & have been an avid fan ever since.

    to this day, that alt version of Have You Forgotten is not only my favorite Koz tune - it's my favorite song period.

    the forum face-lift looks great, thanks for all the hard work put into it @Lament!

  • MaxMax
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    Hello all.  Max on the old forum, Max here on the new one. 

    I first became aware of Mark when someone gave me a copy of Ghosts of the Great Highway.  Since then I've accrued his whole catalog.  I actually much prefer the stuff he's done in the last ten years to the Red House Painters albums, especially the early ones.  They're too wispy/ethereal for my tastes. 

    I've seen him live about a dozen times and each time I tell myself it will be the last time.  During his performances my feelings usually vacillate between deep admiration and appreciation to annoyance and anger at his borderline Asperger's-eque interaction with the audience and his seeming contempt for his fans and his apparent lack of appreciation for the rare opportunity that anyone can make a living as a musician.
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    Hallo guys

    I was Phil from Padua, Italy on the old i'm my new music project Pigmento, acoustic guitar pop rock (remember Shameless Self-Promotion Thread; www.pigmento-music.com Something i wrote over 15 years and finally achieved to self publish on line and on limited cd! 
    I'm 35 years old and i listen to Mark Kozelek's music since 1993, the year Italy became aware of his 4AD cd/lp named (by us) Rollercoaster!
    I did the chance to get the vinyl version back in time I first saw it in a shop in my city but i preferred cd and i'm crying since that day sigh!
    I saw Mark performing twice, both of them in Italy...Verona 2004 with Sun Kil Moon (Phil Carney and violin players), Bologna 2011, solo.
    I would like:
    1 that Mark could have the rights to remaster the Red House Painters catalogue 
    2 to see him performing with a band - bass, drums, guitars!

  • Hey,
    Dan from Melbourne.
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    Hi, I'm Seamus, I'm 21 and I'm from Derbyshire, England. I've been listening to Mark Kozelek's music since my brother lent me Ghosts of the Great Highway about six years ago. It's still one of my favourite albums, but I love most of his stuff, especially Red House Painters' Ocean Beach. I would say Mark Kozelek is my all time favourite musician, I look forward to discussing his work!
  • Great to see new folks on here, old forum lurkers and old posters alike. Always good to hear how people got into Mark's music and which albums are the most special to them......
  • Hello folks. Im derek (27) from some shit town in pennsylvania where they supposedly predict the weather. anywho im also a singer/songwriter and a huge fan of mark kozelek and co. ever since my hipster uncle in LA told me about red house painters in highschool.them and elliott smith. i heard katy song, grace cathedral park and have you forgotten and i was smitten. the voice, the acoustics, the lush major 7 oriented songs..several years ago i had posted a cover of River (my alltime favorite song) and perhaps GCP. RHP are soo great for happy or sad..summer or fall..though songs always seem to evoke an autumn/winter feel and ill always associate marks music with said seasons. as of late i am in love with Sun Kil Moon. i have learned most of and adopted marks tunings. i have a great ear and sun kil moon had a lot to do with my fingerpicking influence. Duk Koo Kim is my current infatuation. I can play alot of their songs.

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    @bumpyknuckles were you at the June 11 show that's coming out in February?

  • @oursadescape, "gotta live in shit town..."

    I believe Ed Kowalczyk & Co. are from PA as well... fitting coincidence.

  • @oursadescape I reckon we live in the same place then, unless you're talking about Fort Washington...

  • Hi folks, Shambino here, 36 years of age and living in Dublin, Ireland for all of those years. Not as long a fan as some guys on here but I will be one day :-)
    No one personally recommended Mark to me I just stumbled across him when April was listed in a Top 100 albums of 2008 in some magazine. Later that day in a local second hand music shop, not particularly looking for the album there it was front and centre on a shelf. The best Euro 5 I ever spent. I've often wondered why someone would give the album away, but finally have resigned to the belief of faith. Someone out there meant to pass the word on to me.
    I was lucky to see him a couple of months later when he played Dublin in July 2009, my first experience, it was amazing, I was truly blown away by his talents. Subsequently I have seen him twice since, Belfast August 2011 and as recent as Monday night just passed (Nov 2012) Every time I've seen him I've felt the same way.
    Every chance I get I'm spreading the word on Marks talents, as no one ever seems to know of him. Each time I've gone to see him I've brought more people with me to see him, there was six of us there on Monday :-)
    I can understand peoples gripes about his contempt for his audience, but I can forgive him for that, I'm there to see him play, when he does I soon forget about all that stuff.
    Great to see other guys (with tennis shoes) on here too and I look forward to talking all things MK, SKM & RHP

  • greetings. admiralfell from the old, admiralfell on the new. Current resident of dallas, tx. i'll be catching mark at the Dec gig at the granada theater. anyone else headed that way?

  • Tommy from Sweden.
    Bought down colorfull Hill in 92 after hearing 24 on 120 minutes. The first 4 RHP albums became the soundtrack of my youth. I lost interest after ocean beach though, and have just recently started to listen to everything mr Kozelek have done since. And i am actually going to see him live in Stockholm this friday.

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    I'm Denis and I'm from Russia and I'm 18
    First discovered Mark through some russian article about Jackson C. Frank where the author mentioned that there aren't much singer-songwriters that just come up the stage alone with their guitars and sing. Thus, I checked out Mark's page on, downloaded Admiral Fell Promises and here I am.

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