Koz vs WOD: Round 837

guess we can expect a few more WOD-related Koz tunes again...


if only Koz would pick a fight with Morrissey...

talk about Grumpy Old Men...



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    Like a guy who's too anxious to leave his house should be psychoanalyzing anyone else. Used to be an actor is sure to provoke.

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    One thing that irritates me about this Adam 'Mellencamp' chap is that he's been saying he's a fan of our Koz. I'm 100% convinced he was never a fan.

  • Really? I'd remind you that the original lineup of The War on Drugs included Kurt Vile, who I would say certainly has a degree of musical kinship with Mark's music. Not that far-fetched. Frankly I find everyone's bashing of everyone in this situation a little gross. What are we, 19?

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    "There’s nothing to defend. It’s a non issue."


    Same goes for Mark. Enough. Is. Enough. SHUT UP.

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    @LettersinKanji It's a fact that I dislike WOD and all other, imo, way over rated artists immensely. But that wasn't my point. This kind of bitching between artists has been going since the first musical compositions were written, and music history is littered with such examples. The problem I have is that the 'injured' party always claims to be a fan of the one who started it all. Really? If I were Adam I would simply reply 'Mark who? Sorry never heard of him'.

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    Isn't admitting you're a fan the surest way to earn Mark's contempt lol?

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    WOD head honcho in Uncut (with The Smiths on the cover) is interviewed as their album was top of Uncut's Best of 2014 list.He gets asked about and does pass quite a bit of comment about "the spatt"

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