A list of Online retailers - reliability and packaging


I´m taking the suggestion of RedCarpet and open a thread where we can exchange about online retailers. I suggest a rating that comments on the reliabilty of (pre-)orders and quality of packaging to make sure that your records arrive safely.

I would give stars from one to five for both, here we go:

CALDO VERDE RECORDS -USA- (http://www.caldoverderecords.com/index.html)

Reliabilty: ***** if you´re quick enough, an order with CV will never fail.

Packaging: **** improved today, the records now ship in an extra-large box, with a special tray for the record. Further protection by bubble sheets and extra cardboards. Now the records arrive with no harm, this was different a year ago.

ROUGH TRADE -EU/UK- (http://roughtrade.com/)

R: ***** I never did not receive a pre-ordered Koz-release.

P: ** Poor. Only a flimsy cardboard and some extra cardboards. Records arrive with bent corners occasionally.

NEW ON VINYL -EU/NL- (http://www.newonvinyl.com/en/)

R: *** Some arrive (as did BENJI Red and Clear), some don´t (RHP Box)

P: *** A bit better than Rough Trade, thicker boxes, but bent corners can still happen

JPC -EU/Germany- (https://www.jpc.de/)

R: *1/2 Never received ANY Koz-related pre-order, but got the very limited CALEXICO Box through them years ago.

P: ***1/2 Thick cardboard with extra space, usually safe, but sometimes they ship too many records or thick albums that way and this can lead to bent corners (my recent experience with KRUDER/DORFMEISTER´s 5LP-Box)

AMAZON.DE/.CO.UK - Germany/UK -

R: **1/2 But hard to tell, got BENJI Yellow (not in shrink) and PERILS from UK, but nothing else

P: **-**** Very flimsy cardboard, a bit oversized, but records are usually ok when ordered in DE. More than one vinyl is shipped in a big, oversized box with the single records extra-protected in the flimsy cardboards.

ELUSIVEDISC - USA- (http://www.elusivedisc.com/)

R: ***** Usually VERY reliable with limited orders. I´ve got the RHP Box through them, but I was #1 on the list. I know from other items that all orders went through (GO BETWEEN Box for example). BTW I still have the Elusive Disc Box as a double at home, but don´t know what to do with it as I paid 260 Euros with shipping and custom taxes.

P: The non-plus-ultra. Safe as Fort Knox. Massive wrapping with bubble sheets and upholstery, massive outer box. This has its price (especially international shipping), but worth every penny. ED is specialised in audiophile and rare items and they treat it likewise.

HHV.DE -EU/Germany- (http://hhv.de/)

R: ***** When the item is in stock, they deliver, but you have to be quick.

P: ***1/2 Heavy cardboard, oversized with box for the record. Never had any issues with them, but these maybe occur with international shipping.


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    @solstice69 Perfect. Hopefully this thread gets going once forum members start sharing their experiences too. Well done.

    PS - I remember you telling us before how much the boxset from elusive disc cost you, so it's only fair you want what you paid for it. It was the high shipping charges, and the customs I would've had to pay, that stopped me from pre-ordering from elusivedisc.

  • nicely done @solstice69. As of Kozelek related places, I'd like to add LUNA. The order I received from them was among the best, if not the best protected package I have ever received. When I ship something myself I take really great care of the record, but LUNAs packaging was remarkable. (Overseas order)

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    Ugh just got my Modest Mouse Interstate 8 EP from Amazon UK and it's bent to shit, can't even play the first track the needle just jumps all over the place. :( They have the worst goddamn packaging, especially bad for single LPs. Usually double LPs don't get bent too bad, worst thing is usually corner dings.

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    @mogambo Bit odd. Never had any problem, though I've only been ordering lp's off amazon for only about a year now as I've always preferred buying records from specialised sellers. But I took a chance and it's ok so far. BUT I've never bought just a single record, it's always 2 or 3 so that could be it.

    @nobodyiseversafe Bought Benji blue from Luna and the box was literally a fortress! Best packaging IMO, but the downside was the cost - $40! However I've read somewhere(my memory's not good when it comes to which site or forum I read something on) that it was a one-off, i.e. Luna only charged so much for the Benji Lp. Which is understandable as instead of doubling or tripling the price like other sellers, they charged $15 extra for shipping. Highly recommended shop though!

  • I was very pleased ordering Benji from HHV. I sent them a message through Facebook and they said I was one of the first to pre-ordering, more or less confirmig delivery, which I did receive. It was well packaged and came in better condition than most Swedish resalers manage to, though there was a small bump in one corner. The inner sleeve had also been folded, though that must've been caused by whoever packaged it at Kozelek Inc.

  • This seems to only be about vinyl. I've got several Koz CD's at great prices from WowHD,
    formerly CDWow. They regularly do a 15% off thing. I pre-ordered UT, and it was strange to see the 15% off price, as they'd sent no e-mail about that........

    They list many CD's twice, one nearly twice the price. Strange. With UT they list both as CV - the other, £12.99, says 'In Stock - Usually ships within 24 hours'.
    The cheaper one now says awaiting stock. Had said '7-28 days'.
    They've still not sent it after 25 days. They won't explain the difference between the 2.
    In the past it worked out good, until Benji. But with this, it's all over, I recommend you avoid WowHD, they suck.

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    Finally managed to order and receive Marriages's Salome on vinyl from HHV.DE. I say 'finally' because @solstice69 is spot on when he says you've got to be quick. Don't know how many times I checked the listing out, but it was always out of stock every time I tried to order. I'm assuming HHV.DE must keep a limited stock?

    Packaging was fine, actually I rather like the idea of an 'over-sized' outer package. The only gripe I have with HHV.DE is that they don't state the colour of the vinyl*, and I didn't want the clear vinyl version of Salome as it's noisy, Fortunately I received the black one, the one I wanted. However, imo, they're highly recommended. Shipping time was very fast too, only 4 days!

    • didn't get anywhere when I contacted their custumer help dept.
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    By the way, I've been checking out a lot of Ebay German retailers lately, because as we all know the euro is very weak compared to the sterling and dollar, so it makes sense to buy from Europe atm. Also, p&p charges are very reasonable, and I don't have to worry about customs tax :)

    Does anyone have any experience with any of these retailers please?

    1) grooves.land
    2) mymediawelt
    3) obsessed (don't know if these are actually German or US)

    Any other ones I've missed?


  • Not German but Dodax are based in Switzerland and are good. Some very fair prices too, they also sell on ebay etc.

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    Once again I thank you for this thread @solstice69

    Ordered the 4AD reissues through JPC, as they were some 50 euros cheaper than from the 4AD shop, and received the packet after only 4 days. I quite like their packaging, but the records were very snug in the package, so you were right about putting too many records together in the same packet. In fact, the inner sleeves of Ocean Beach have a half inch split along the sides, but I don't know if it's due to the packaging or because of the tight shrink wrap.

    By the way, JPC only charged me 5.99 for shipping. Now that's what I call cheap shipping!!!

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    New on Vinyl has a new shipment method. A big pizza box with the record on a separate cardbox, attached with foil! Very good!

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    @Solstice69 Does their method help prevent corner bangs very well? I know something traveling nearly 4300 miles has many hands to cross that handle it in many different manners, but I absolutely abhor dented or folded corners!!

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    Yes it does! Plenty of free space to avoid damaged corners!

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    @Grumpy_Bear77 - I spent several years working at the Post Office, and trust me, it's better if you don't know how packets are handled :( That big 'FRAGILE - RECORDS' means absolutely nothing to a lot of postal employees. And it wasn't just at our end, as a lot of packages used to get to us in an already poor state, sometimes even opened, which obviously means that some postal workers, from the country that the packet was sent from, had taken a little peek inside the packet to see if there's anything worth stealing, before forwarding it.

  • "What's that? Oh, Universal Themes. No, I don't want that."

    JPC's shipment method was perfect for just one record but I can imagine that it doesn't work that well with multiple records in the package. They used to have a store in my hometown that was absolutely horrible, though.

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    "What's that? Oh, Universal Themes. No, I don't want that." LOL

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    This made me chuckle; from the Sub Pop Instagram page.


  • After seeing this I recall that amazon.de shipped the Eagles vinyl box once the same way to me. It was a traumatic experience I had forgotten, but brought back now ;-)

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