SKM/Jesu tour

It started last night in Oslo. Anyone know the setlist?


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    Last night in Oslo was pretty good. Mark was in great spirit, and cracked quite a few jokes. The band was pretty good (Broadrick on guitar, Zubeck guitar/bass, Shelley drums, Mark vocals only). Don't really remember the set list, but pretty much the entire Jesu/SKM album. Finished off with a cover I didn't recognise, which probably wasn't too rehearsed from the sound of it.

  • While waiting for the show in Malmö I read this review:

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    @Erik can you post that here?

    Sorry I forgot to create the gig posts.. crazy work week!

  • I was really pleased to read Cry Me a River... on a few recent setlists. I don't think I've ever heard a live version, though it's one of my favourite UT tracks.

    Are there any links to nice recordings, or even just YouTube clips that folks know of?

    I've really liked the sound of the odd songs heard so far, and posted here from this tour. They sound far better live than the record. Hence Cry Me a River... should be good, but unfortunately I've not seen any clips or links to recordings with that song.

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    @jimrudge said:
    What idiot booked them in to the Colston Hall in Bristol? Far too big a venue for them. There will be around 150-200 (if that) faithful in a 2000-seater auditorium. Hope they transfer it to the Lantern, which has 250 capacity. Remember seeing him in a half-full downstairs only show in Shepherds Bush Empire. Great though it was, it was just the wrong venue.

    Probably the same idiot that booked him there this time last year....

    I have seen him at The Thekla, which was packed in 2011.

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    Bristol Bristol, cobblestone streets, people missing teeth...

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    @jimrudge last years thread - I'd forgotten that I helped Rachel Goswell get her leg over so to speak !

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    @jimrudge Last year's show was in the main auditorium at Colston Hall and I can report that there weren't too many empty seats. Mind you, at that time - the night before the Laura Snapes debacle - the noise around Benji was still reverberating and there was a lot of hillbilly/war-on-drugs associated press. Not sure how it'll play out this tour.

  • The Lantern is a better venue for Mark, I was shocked it was booked for the main hall in the first place to be honest. You going, jimrudge?

  • Same lineup as last SKM/Jesu tour?

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