Jesu/Sun Kil Moon on upcoming Elliott Smith tribute album

Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith:

Waxahatchee, “Angeles”
Julien Baker, “Ballad Of Big Nothing”
Tanya Donelly, “Between The Bars”
Yuck, “Bled White”
Jesu/Sun Kil Moon, “Condor Ave”
Lou Barlow, “Division Day”
Wild Sun, “Easy Way Out”
Tomo Nakayama, “Miss Misery”
Juliana Hatfield, “Needle In The Hay"
Caroline Says, “No Name #3″
Adam Franklin, “Oh Well, Okay”
Amanda Palmer, “Pictures Of Me”
William Fitzsimmons, “Say Yes”
Escondido, “Waltz #1″
J Mascis, “Waltz #2″


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  • It's been awhile since I've seen a tribute that I actually wanted to buy, going back to Jason Molina's death maybe. This looks good though.

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    that looks really cool. I've been listening to the Elliot Smith "heaven adores you" soundtrack all week, also worth checking out :-)

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    Yeah, that documentary was great!

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    Fantastic documentary. Will be checking this tribute album out.

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    Huge Elliott Smith fan here. Heaven Adores You documentary and soundtrack are both fantastic. I love the unreleased instrumentals, and the Heatmiser version of Christian Brothers.

    I know it's all legal & record company complications and of course the fact that Elliott's family must approve, but it's frustrating that there are so many outstanding unreleased album session tracks etc from Elliott that haven't been officially put out.

    Contrast this lack of releases with the posthumous output of say Jeff Buckley - a lot of releases considering he only ever released one completed studio album in his lifetime. To a degree they are beginning to scrape the barrel with Jeff's material now, to the point where there are no new songs, just alternate versions, demos etc. The difference with Elliott is that there really are a lot of songs - the 1994-97 stuff mostly came out on the New Moon compilation but some of the unreleased XO, Figure 8 and Basement songs are essential, yet remain unreleased

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    For any Elliott fans who love his albums but haven't delved deeper, go onto the Sweet Addy forum and download the 'Grand Mal' collection. There are 7 discs worth of material but discs 1-3 are essential. You will wonder why many of these songs never made it into album.

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    I have that collection archived somewhere. Haven't had a chance to go through it all.

    But I do think it's admirable that Elliott Smith's estate hasn't milked his death for all its worth, even though they have the means to do that and then some. It makes the release of what does come out more meaningful because they're not piling on posthumous album after posthumous album.

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    @Drop I get what you say, I'm not one for seeing barrels scraped in terms of hundreds of different versions of the same song, and making the fans buy a compilation for ONE previously unreleased song, etc. I'd just love to see one more release, consisting of the 98-03 songs he recorded in the studio, many of which are excellent

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    Yeah, I think one or two records of unreleased songs would be quite welcomed.

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    This just arrived in the post today

  • What's the Jesu / SKM 'Condor Ave' like then? It had better be good. I'm a huge Elliott fan and hate the thought of anyone murdering his songs

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    @Thunderbolt not wild about their contribution on first listen, one of the weaker tracks here. It's a fairly radical electronic reworking, maybe it'll grow on me

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    Lou Barlow's version of Division Day makes the record for me

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    Here's Condor Ave.. also on Spotify.

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    Just got the vinyl of this in the mail. Overall a really nice little tribute album. I think I have a soft spot for these, I recently picked up a cool 80s Neil Young tribute album called The Bridge which had some great indie bands of the time covering his songs. This Elliott Smith tribute album reminds me of that one. The vinyl itself is a little noisy, and has some annoying skips.

    Not so hot on the SKM/Jesu contribution, but i don't hate it either. It's an "interesting" take on a song I really love. Gives it a new perspective, which is an accomplishment I would say.

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    Yeah I like that Bridge tribute a lot too and only picked it up recently. I like the new Neil Young studio album also although he is doing the MK topical stream of consciousness thing now.

  • I've only recently heard the Jesu/SKM cover of Condor Ave, but I'm impressed. Compared to the original Jesu/Sun Kil Moon collaboration, it sounds really interesting and innovative.

    With the exception of the beautiful Fragile, I wasn't especially impressed with the Jesu/Sun Kil Moon album. But the newer tracks like He's Bad, Needles Disney World and The Greatest Conversation... all sound really promising for the follow up.

    This cover reinterprets Elliott Smith's classic, in a new way as all innovative covers should do. The interesting and varied instrumentation sounds so much better than the dull guitars and predictable processed beats from Justin Broadrick's previous contribution.

    I can see why die hard Elliott Smith fans might not like this track, but it's not like it is the sound of the whole album!

    After being bitterly disappointed by all of Mark's output (Fragile excepted), after the amazing work he did on Universal Themes - I'm looking forward to the new Jesu/SKM album, now more than ever :)

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