Differences JESU/SKL vinyl EU vs US

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I was lucky enough to finally get a copy of the silver splattered US vinyl from Newburry/Caldo Verde (now there is a regular US release on black vinyl from CV, too) and to my surprise it differs in quite some aspects from the European Rough Trade pressing.


Both feature the blown-up CD image, which does not look very nice.
Besides that, the EU is a standard sleeve with the records placed in paper sleeves, while the US has a gatefold jacket, using the sleeves motifs of the EU version. The records are carried in antistatic black innersleeves.
Naturally, the US doesn´t carry the Rough Trade logo on the back, but has a sticker from Newburry with quoting the limitation of 300 copies.
The EU is just a replica of the CD back, while the US has the title JESU/SKL on the back and tracklisting with Sides A-D.


While the EU weighs 180g, the US weighs standard... I guess 120-130g


Both sound pretty equal... both do not belong to audiophile sounding records, they´re average. The US has some more background noise, while the EU has more pops and crackles.

Track listing:

This is quite interesting. While the EU preserves the original CD album order, the US does not!
Here, SALLY is placed on Side D as first track, followed by the final BEAUTIFUL YOU.
I like the original order with EXODUS/BEAUTIFUL YOU much more as both have a soft and tender structure.
Additionally, the EU begins with two tracks on A, while the US has three. This means that ALL sides from both release have a different track listing!


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    ...also, the EU pressing comes with a free CD version of the album.

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