10/13/17 @ Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR (Sun Kil Moon)

This show features Magik Magik Orchestra and Josh Haden on bass.

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


  • really special show. packed house and mark was in good spirits.
    had fun interacting with a 10 year old kid in the front row and said he might write a song about him. he said he was interested in robotics, to which mark replied "i don't know anything about that."
    a few comments about trump "not affecting your daily life" before house cat fell a little bit flat on the crowd - but he seemed to redeem himself with some comments on gun control before exodus. that said, house cat went over really well.
    'wonder', 'micheline', 'the possom' (especially the string solo), 'exodus', and 'mother's love' were all exquisite with live strings and made for an emotional and almost reverential evening at the aladdin.

    (not 100% on setlist or order - but this is close):

    somehow the wonder of life
    god bless ohio
    chili lemon peanuts
    the possom
    my love for you is undying
    window sash weights
    needles disneyland
    the black butterfly
    house cat

    beautiful you
    i can't live without my mother's love

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    Thanks for the review, @lostverses.

    Here's another review.

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