My cover of Grace Cathedral Park

So after a long hiatus I have another cover to share. Probably the first RHP song I ever heard, a long time ago. In any event I hope you like it :)


  • Wow. It's great, thank you for sharing. Sounds really accurate, just like the guitar part on the record. Was it difficult to figure out or are there some tabs as accurate as that floating around?

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    Yes, great cover....makes me nostalgic for RHP. Well done.

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    Amazing as always. Great cover of one of my favourites, I'm glad you're back!

  • Great cover. I miss those RHP days.

  • Thanks, all! It was challenging but I really enjoyed doing it. @DonaldDuckKooKim: I got the tuning either online or from MK's hardcover book with the set lists at the back. Once I got the tuning I just worked it out; it wasn't difficult then. Or you can also play it in DADGAD and it sounds nice but just not as exact as on the original recording.

  • What I will say is that the three tunings here are not "correct" (

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