Hotel #4 (new limited edition book)

Hotel # 4

Release Date: May 1, 2018
(Partison Hotel/Caldo Verde Records)

Limited Edition Book (pre-order)

A collaborative publication including Iris Smyles, Nona Fernández,
Bill Callahan, and Mark Kozelek

Founded around eighteen months ago—and based between London, Belgium and New York—Hotel is a publication, both online and in print, run by a volunteer editorial collective. As a magazine dedicated to new approaches to fiction, non-fiction and poetry, Hotel establishes a foundation for experimental reflection on literature’s status as “art” and cultural mediator.

Collaborators are offered total freedom to present work as they see fit rather than as within the remit of editorial mandate or curatorial consensus. Our masthead, to such an end, is simple: the hotel is our metaphor for the publication, writers come and take a room—do with it what they will—and, for the duration of their stay, the hotel is defined by its inhabitants, defined by the work that takes temporary residence therein. We look for editorial accidents in Hotel, building each issue around the ways in which each of the inhabitants speaks to their various neighbors, and let the work speak for itself.
Hotel #4, our “blue” Hotel, numbers a series of poetic fragments—at turns essayistic and anecdotal—alongside short stories, prose-poems, and conversations that shift in focus from the bible to bible-burning—from the bedroom to bathroom—from the cinema to the shores of Lake Tahoe. Each piece a variation on some kind of blue, each piece harboring some kind of blue intimation.


Rebecca Tamás, ‘St. Joan in Idaho’
John Yau, ‘Fortunes, Favorite Sayings, & Assorted Sundries’
Luc Sante, ‘Dear Messiah’
David Kishik, ‘Terms of Service’
Scott McLanahan, ‘Sarah [No.3]’
Pascal Richmann, trans. Amanda DeMarco, ‘Smoke of the World’
Jim Hugunin, ‘(2 verbal translations of) Famous Photographs’
Nona Fernández, trans. Ellen Jones, ‘Mapocho’
Richard Scott & Vala Thorodds, a poem called ‘come’ (after Paul Verlaine)
Bill Callahan, ‘13 Letters to Emma’
Jason Shulman, “Bad Science” - in conversation with the Artist
Oliver Goldstein, ‘The Virgil Hunter Love Sequence’
Leah Sophia Dworkin, ‘Tuesday at Six?’
Iris Smyles, ‘Philip & Penelope in a Variety of Tenses’
Livia Franchini & Serena Braida, Three Reactive Poems

  • ‘On Complicity,’
  • ‘Cha-Cha,’
  • ‘Your Mouth’

Daniele Pantano, ‘Twilight of the Poet’
Scott Esposito, ‘Rothko Chapel’
Hisham Bustani, trans. Maia Tabet, ‘Quantum Leap’
Carol Mavor, ‘Like Water in Water’
Mark Kozelek, ‘Yellow Kitchen’
David Lowery, ‘A Housewarming Party’
Joanna Rafael Goldberg, ‘Moonlet’
& an epigram by Britain’s most isolated cartoonist, Jonathan Chandler


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    For a moment there I thought it was going to be an updated ‘Nights of Passed Over’ book release. Shame that it’s not!

  • I was excited because of that, too @JRS but then it would have been updated to near Infinite Jest size considering the recent releases.

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    @DonaldDuckKooKim said:
    I was excited because of that, too @JRS but then it would have been updated to near Infinite Jest size considering the recent releases.

    True true. Ha ha. Very true.

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    No thanks.

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    Anyone know why it says US only?

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