Mark's covers from the tribute to Dylan’s 1963 Town Hall Concert.

Soundcloud recordings can be found in the article. He covered "Who Killed Davy Moore" and "With God on our Side". Sounds like he had a blast with the big band!


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    He's on fire. Sure sounds like he had a good time. Last time I saw him he was quite the entertainer, too. Big Band concerts would be a nice idea.^^

    And he can still sing if he wants to.

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    Hey don’t mean to be a douchebag but this sounds just as piss poor as his latest releases
    It’s like he’s forgotten how to breathe and try to sing 🎶
    My only hope is that the soundtrack to The Pretenders film might have some proper “songs” with proper singing on it but at this stage I’m not holding out much hope

  • It might not be his best technical singing, it's a live performance. I think it conveys a lot of emotions given that it's a cover with a big band. - And I don't think you're gonna get proper singing anytime soon. I understand that it was some score work for the Pretenders movie.

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    Alternative link for the recording here:

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    the version of davey moore is fucking incredible... would love him to play that live in the future

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