Rather a random post but hey you never know I might glean some useful information. We all probably know that Mark is cat lover too so this isn’t completely off topic. We are looking to get a cat but is there any advice on what type to go for with young children and do they require a lot of looking after? Also would it be a real pain in the butt getting a kitten or maybe go for a rescue cat that needs rehousing? Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    Do you have leather furniture?

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    Ahh. Yes partly. I didn’t think about that!

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    There are cats that are really great with kids and others that are not, they have personalities like anyone. Some cats like their own company and will only socialise with you when they want something, others genuinely want to be with you. It can be pretty random. Cats are generally more self-sufficient than a dog in that they are cleaner and don’t require as much input from you re walking etc. A dog really needs to log time with you, whereas a cat can get by with less. Some breeds, like a Burmese or Siamese like to be around you a lot. We found our mixed breed in a rubbish bin as a kitten and she is very affectionate with the whole family, but absolutely hates just about everyone else. I would get a kitten rather than an older cat that could be set in their ways and you can teach a young cat that being held by a person is a normal thing, while some older cats can be very anti being picked up. That’s my 2 cents.

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    Sorry for not having time to add details just now but if you get a) a kitten b) a burmese then you will have yourself a cat which grows up into a very loving, friendly, interactive fella. Perfect for kids, I should say -- in my experience, the kiddies get frustrated with more stand off-ish cats, hence the strong preference for a burmese. Kitten because kittens bond, while older ones can be set in their ways.

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    Thanks @roice and @moleman some really useful advice there. The Burmese is a really beautiful cat, I don’t know why I hadn’t considered the breed before, especially with their extremely friendly temperament. Now it’s just sorting out the best timing to be able to give a kitten the attention it needs. At what age would they be fully grown / adult?

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    Love cats 😻No really I don’t mean the song by The Cure
    I’ve had terrible misfortune with a number of them but if there is a possibility of getting a rescue kitten that’s what I would do
    Your kids can mould them & they can all grow up together

    On the other hand cats are so independent that all of the above might be disproven

    Best of luck which ever way you go👍

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