1983 MTV Era Music Is the Soundtrack of Outsiders Being Bullied By Jocks

New Koz song played the other day in Philadelphia:

Lyrics include extensive War on Drugs bashing while saying how much he likes Kurt Vile, how he likes Philadelphia and boxing. There's some lovely keyboard work from Ben Boye.


  • i am so excited to see him for the first time tonight! :) Hope he plays it

  • The ending coda of the song is about my buddy Jimmy and his family giving Koz the Joe Frazier photo. They actually gave him the photo at Union Transfer in 2014. If I remember correctly, he got the photo at an in-store signing at Tower Records on Broad Street in Philadelphia. Jimmy worked at WEA for almost 20 years and used to help promote their bands. In the early 90's, WEA started distributing 4AD titles stateside and Jimmy played me a promo tape of Down Colorful Hill in July of 1992, a few months before the proper release. We've both been huge fans of Mark's music since. I'm really hoping this cut gets a studio release.

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    Haha the beginning is so funny. "I don't know what you guys are doing..." lol.
    Honestly I'm loving this song.

  • he did play this in Minn. it was great fun! loved every minute of all 3 hours of his concert. I am still in concert depression over knowing i wont be able to see him again any time soon. Miss you Mark! :'(

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    Fun times are here again :smiley:

  • Mark mentioned at the Portland show that he, Ben, and Ramon, had gone into Isaac Brock's studio the day before to record this one for an as yet untitled album coming later in 2019.

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