10/15/18 @ Zonnehuis, Amsterdam (Mark Kozelek)

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Longest show ever... and one of the best.

He was in a part of Amsterdam that reminded Mark kozelek of the horror movie Snow Town Murders.

Very touching duet with Janne Schra (I can't live without my mother's love), who is a well-known professional singer from the Netherlands. She appeared to be in the audience.
You've Missed my Heart was the oldest song.
I also attended the show in Union Chapel which had only new songs. I enjoyed Amsterdam just a little more because of the setlist.
Again, he seemed to be in a very good mood. Some dudes at the first row had a though time because of the comments he made but he can't be nice all of the time.

Setlist can be found here, although songs 9 and 10 are in a different order:

Still can't be believe how good this show was. I've seen Mark more than 30 times and this should be in my top 5 of all-time shows. Really amazing!


  • He played u missed my heart! Damn it! I would have killed to see that!

  • This show was really great. My 8th time seeing him and definitely up there with the best as well. The band he has now is great: Ramon and Ben are amazing musicians who interact really well with each other and Mark.
    They played a lot of new stuff, 20minute long songs, but Mark is back to really singing again and he sounded great. A lot of the new stuff works better live than on record in this form I think, as it's very "in the moment", open to improvisation and the subtle arrangements really draw attention to the lyrics.
    Mother's love, you missed my heart and i got you babe were welcome changes in the setlist. It felt good to have a couple "more traditional" songs in there to shake it up. You missed my heart was requested by a girl after Mark said he didn't know which song to play next. It wasn't rehearsed and he forgot some of the words, but it was beautiful all the same. After the song he thanked her for reminding him this song existed and said he would play it in Slovenia too. Mark was in a great mood throughout the show, very funny and sincere. His comments about male audience members: "do you guys get together on a forum to come here, and post about the show online after?" I guess he knows this place exists ;)

    About 10 minutes after the show had ended Mark came out to sit in front of the venue, chatted with some of us, signed autographs and handed out some of his Christmas CDS.
    It was a really great night, made all the more special by the indeed very strange, seemingly abandoned part of town where he was playing, and the tiny venue.

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    Video with Janne Schra:

    Can't Live Without My Mother's Love:

    I Got You Babe:

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    She’s got a lovely tone to her voice.

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