Canceled show in Warsaw

Hey everyone, longtime lurker, first time poster.

I’m from the US and ending an upcoming work trip in Poland. I noticed SKM had a gig in Warsaw a day or two after my work obligations so I arranged to stay extra days at my own expense and bought a ticket. Just got word Mark canceled the show, but seems to have kept all the other European dates on that tour.

Just curious if anyone knows the back story here. Can only assume this was because of low ticket sales. Really a shame as I was looking forward to hearing his Poland banter.




  • Sorry to hear that EJ.

    Not sure, but I booked my flights to Vienna the other day so I'm hoping it's just Warsaw!

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    & I'm off to Berlin...

  • Fairly high chance there’ll be a song about it soon, hold tight.

  • Had the same in Finland some years ago. Arranged a flight from Amsterdam and (expensive) hotel. It seemed they couldn't fix the sound, so he just walked out during the soundcheck and the show was cancelled.

  • That's shitty but he's hardly a Morrissey. By the way: did anyone else have a laugh over the whole shenanigan with a fan aggressively trying to touch the Moz and then he issued a statement that no one tried to punch if it's so far fetched that someone would like to punch the Mozzer...

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    TMZ didn’t get that fans typically rush the stage (especially during encores), and that he encourages/condones it. Fans should remember before they jump on him, grab him around the neck, etc. that he will be 60 soon. Go with the side hug if you must have physical contact.

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