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#31 07-22-2008 12:06pm

From: Huntington Beach CA
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Re: most depressing

The old topic reminded me of a few more.

Modest Mouse- Positive Negative
Smiths- Asleep
Replacements- Here Comes A Regular
Replacements- Skyway
Replacements- The Ledge
Replacements- I Will Dare
Replacements- Answering Machine
Replacements- Bastards of Young

I hate to see you look that way
All the beauty has left your face
That's such an easy thing to give away
That's impossible to replace -American Music Club


#32 10-21-2009 6:23pm

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Re: most depressing

Red House Painters - Smokey
Red House Painters - Strawberry Hill
Low - Lullaby
Codeine - Smoking Room
Carissa's Wierd - September Come Take this Heart Away


#33 10-21-2009 7:17pm

From: Florence, SC
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Re: most depressing

This is one of those topics I could make a list for that would stretch for miles...but I can list just a few of my favorite tearjerkers...

Ryan Adams: "Blue Hotel"
Austin Crane: "Sins Of Our Fathers"
Red House Painters: "Void"
Mark Kozelek: "Admiral Fell Promises"
Ben Kweller: "In Other Words"
Rocky Votolato: "Silver Trees"
The Jayhawks: "Blue"
Gram Parsons: "She"
Whiskeytown: "Houses on the Hill"


#34 10-21-2009 7:56pm

From: Melbourne Australia
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Re: most depressing

Does anyone listen to William Fitzsimmons? The whole album 'The sparrow and the crow' is the most saddest stuff I listen to. Great album, but a hard listen.


#35 10-22-2009 12:23pm

From: France
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Re: most depressing

Some RHP and SKM songs can put me in a state of deep melancholy, but they never make me feel really depressed. Songs I find most depressive have certain kind of lyrics. Here are songs in english that I cherish but don't listen to that often:

Leonard Cohen "dress rehearsal rag"
Richard Thompson "God loves a drunk"
Richard Thompson "the end of the rainbow"
Nick Drake "day is done"
Nick Drake "parasite"

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#36 10-22-2009 7:42pm

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Re: most depressing

Pierre2 wrote:

Some RHP and SKM songs can put me in a state of deep melancholy, but they never make me feel really depressed. Songs I find most depressive have certain kind of lyrics.

Mostly I'd agree, but I would say a few of Mark's songs, I find absolutely devastating. "Smokey" is a great example of this.


#37 10-24-2009 7:50am

From: Ireland
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Re: most depressing

Grumpy_Bear77 wrote:

This is one of those topics I could make a list for that would stretch for miles...but I can list just a few of my favorite tearjerkers...

Ryan Adams: "Blue Hotel"
Austin Crane: "Sins Of Our Fathers"
Red House Painters: "Void"
Mark Kozelek: "Admiral Fell Promises"
Ben Kweller: "In Other Words"
Rocky Votolato: "Silver Trees"
The Jayhawks: "Blue"
Gram Parsons: "She"
Whiskeytown: "Houses on the Hill"

i love those 3 songs i bolded there - good choices!


#38 10-24-2009 3:33pm

From: Scotland
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Re: most depressing

Your River by My Dying Bride, one of the greatest songs ever written.

Inner Silence and We, The Gods by Anathema worth a mention too.

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#39 10-25-2009 1:14pm

From: Southport, UK
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Re: most depressing

don't get me wrong, i am a huge Cure fan, but the album Faith is pretty unrelentingly depressing. By the time you've heard All Cats Are Grey and The Funeral Party (title says it all) back to back, you're looking around for the nearest thing to hang yourself with, until Doubt blasts some energy and vitality back into you, thank goodness.


#40 11-06-2009 3:35pm

From: Midwest
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Re: most depressing

I don't see anything wrong with calling music depressing.  I think that there is just a negative connotation attached to the word.  I understand the argument that good music is never depressing though.  Roger Ebert has always said that a good movie is never depressing, but it is bad movies that try to co-op the human spirit and turn it into a commodity that are depressing.  I think that, that may also ring true of music.  A song like Ruth Marie will at times, will make me extremely sad no matter what mood I am in.  Still I do not necessarily see that as a bad thing it's important to revel in sadness because it is an inevitability.  At the same time I don't know that I've ever felt the kind of soul crushing sadness that many people have to deal with as a daily reality, so perhaps I have the privilege of melancholy.

New list:

Billie Holiday-Strange Fruit

The Hated-Plastic Boats

Jesu-Friends Are Evil

Xiu Xiu-Hives Hives

hope is just another rope I use to hang myself with


#41 11-09-2009 10:41pm

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Re: most depressing

^ a well-respected American film critic.


#42 12-13-2010 2:46am

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Re: most depressing


First, I wanna say thank you, Lament, for your beautiful forum.

I am a new member... It is been a while I discovered this forum but never subscribed until now. I read a lot of topics and at first was interested by this one. For some reasons, I love depressing music (I ever received the diagnosis atypical depression, and later, dysthymia. I also believe that at other periods of my life, I could have received the diagnosis major depression and maybe even cyclothymia, but then I did not meet any doctor. I met doctors solely when I was slightly to moderately depressed. I took many different meds but never felt it helped me or that it could (help me). Actually I always prefered to struggle without meds.)

I wrote about my mood disorders diagnosis because I am not ashamed of that but now
I guess I will discuss about music. I hope you all can excuse my writing mistakes, since English isn't my first language.

Regularly, I feel that everything is cold, empty and useless. Then depressed music helps me to feel I still can relate to something. To something and in some extent to myself. Indeed, music does not act as a miraculous medicine.

But I feel my message is boring so now I am going to write my list of the most depressing songs...

CAT POWER : King Rides By (from What Would The Community Think)
Basically, she is crying for love. Like no other singer ever did. That says all.

THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION : Pal Jenkins and his collaborators record so many sad songs! I recommend their album "2", which is a huge masterpiece! The only song that escapes the depressed mood in it is "It's A Crime I Never Told You About The Diamonds In Your Eyes"! All others are "deadly sad"! Yet so beautiful, I think I will listen to it for the rest of my life!!....

16 HORSEPOWER : David Eugene Edwards and his collaborators record tormented-deeply-depressed-sad songs!! I recommend their first LP, "Sackcloth 'n' Ashes", which is excellent. Highlights include Black Soul Choir, Scrawled In Sap, Horse Head and Prison Shoe Romp.

LYCIA : The whole album "A Day In The Stark Corner". If you enjoy it, you can look for "The Burning Circle & Then Dust", a two discs album.

LACRIMOSA : Schakal (from Inferno)

EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN : Armenia (from Zeichnungen des Patienten OT)
The whole album is pretty depressing, though!

PETER JEFFERIES : On an Unknown Beach (from The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World)
That song is as beautiful as a song can be!

LEONARD COHEN : Famous Blue Raincoat (from Songs Of Love And Hate)
A classic!

SWANS : The whole album "White Light from the Mouth of Infinity" is (deeply) depressing. And very good!

TODAY IS THE DAY : Temple of the Morning Star (Acoustic)
Track 1 from Temple of... (same title)

XIU XIU : Sad Pony Guerilla Girl (from A Promise)

CARLA BOZULICH : Evangelista, Pt. 1 (from Evangelista)

SOUL WHIRLING SOMEWHERE : Soaked And Captured (from Everyone Will Eventually Leave You)

NINE INCH NAILS : Hurt (from The Downward Spiral)
Yes! a classic.

THIS MORTAL COIL : Holocaust (from It'll End In Tears)

RADIOHEAD : No Surprises (from OK Computer)

DANIEL JOHNSTON : Some Things Last a Long Time (from 1990)

SINÉAD O'CONNOR : A Perfect Indian (from Universal Mother)

PATTI SMITH : Godspeed
That mesmerizing song was the B-side of Patti's single "Because The Night". Nevermind, you can also find it on "Easter", it is now included as a bonus track.

OK, everybody knows that one... Her Gloomy Sunday version (the Hungarian song) is also pretty sad, I found it on youtube...

DEAD CAN DANCE : Ocean (from their first album, self-titled)
Nevertheless, they always made depressing songs, am I right?

CURRENT 93 : The whole album "Nature Unveiled"

THE GOD MACHINE : It's All Over (from Scenes from the Second Storey)

SACCHARINE TRUST : A Human Certainty (from Paganicons)

JOHN FRUSCIANTE : His whole album "Niandra Lades" displays a lot of suffering and "depressed emotions", which obviously include confusion and sadness. And that is a very good album!

THE MAGNETIC FIELDS : I Don't Believe in the Sun (from 69 Love Songs, disc 1)

THE DOORS : The Crystal Ship

JONI MITCHELL : River (from Blue)
OK, this one is rather relaxing but there is a lot of sadness in her voice.

FLEET FOXES : Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (from Fleet Foxes)
Same here. Apparently, a relaxing song but the content in itself (lyrics, guitar chords, voice) displays a lot of sadness.

FIONA APPLE : Never Is A Promise (from Tidal)
Same as above.

PORTISHEAD : Roads (from Dummy)

NATALIE MERCHANT : River (from Tigerlily)
An homage to her friend River Phoenix, after he died...

TOM WAITS : All The World Is Green (from Blood Money)

EMILY HAINES : Winning (from Knives Don't Have Your Back)

I love to listen to Mark Kozelek's music (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon), but, even though I can see it is rather sad or melancholic (a feeling of nostalgia is usually on the road! Indeed, he often wrote about the lost one!), I do not find the songs as sad as those above, those in my list. Mark Kozelek's songs actually make me feel better! My idea is that possibly even when he feels very depressed, he has some hope, in himself, and that is in front of us, in every note he previously recorded. Also, there is a usual feeling of detachment, so the listener (and Mark Kozelek himself? well, I suppose) is kept from being in touch with the whole spectrum of sadness. Nostalgia and detachment are possibly the two key words that define Mark's music.

That being said, I think Drop and Moorestown are two of his saddest songs.


#43 12-13-2010 12:31pm

Jack Jennings
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Re: most depressing

Prince - "Sometimes it Snows in April"


#44 12-16-2010 5:05am

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Re: most depressing

Oh... I love that topic! Can I add a few more songs?

This time, I will be a lot shorter!

01. Khanate : All!
02. Sunn 0))) : All... at least, all I have heard from them.
03. Earth : Same as above.
04. Lacrimosa : Actually, the first 4 albums (Angst, Satura, Einsamkeit, Inferno) are all very 'depressed'.
05. Suicide : Frankie Teardrop. A masterpiece!
06. Xiu Xiu : Black Keyboard (from Women As Lovers). (Superb song!)
07. Patti Smith : Pissing In A River (from Radio Ethiopia)
08. Nine Inch Nails : Something I Can Never Have (from Pretty Hate Machine)
09. Natalie Merchant : Beloved Wife (from Tigerlily)
10. N. Merchant : The Letter (from Tigerlily)
11. Kristin Hersh : The Letter (from Hips & Makers)
12. Jewel : Foolish Games (from Pieces Of You)
13. Mariah Carey : Without You. I am definitely not a MC fan but... euh... I love that song!
14. Emily Haines : Crowd Surf Off a Cliff (from Knives Don't Have Your Back)
15. The Doors : Summer's Almost Gone (from Waiting For The Sun)
16. The Penguin Cafe Orchestra : The Sound Of Someone Who Is Going Away And It Doesn't Matter.
That piece is solely instrumental. Very calm, slow, and introspective but also melancholic. Each time I am listening to it, I wanna dive into an ocean of inertia, emptiness, passivity, sadness, and renunciation. Its title, I believe, is somewhat ironic. But in any case, the 'sound' is very pleasant to me, then I feel allowed to relax spiritually -during no less than 12 -very magical!- minutes. Yes, I love that one!


#45 12-19-2010 4:09pm

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Re: most depressing



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