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#1 12-13-2010 3:45pm

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San Antorium album: A Gift to Sad Reminders

Hey guys, this is Kevin Berk (one or two of you may remember me from Island's old Red House Painters site.)

I'd been threatening to write and record an album for years to say a couple things I'd wanted to say. The band, for lack of a better term is called San Antorium and the album is called You and I Are Nothing. I put it out mid-year on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and the rest, but because I never play out and am not big at self-promotion, no one knows it's out there. And because I'm more interested in people hearing it and perhaps having some tiny bit of an impact on a few of those people, than I am at making money off it, I figured I'd put it up here for the rest of you at Sad Reminders as an early holiday gift and see if anyone finds it of any value.

You can find it until the new year at at which point I'll likely remove it, but between now and then it is my present to you.

I'm not sure what, if anything, it sounds like, so maybe you can tell me. I'm certainly a big fan of a lot of different stuff so perhaps it takes bits and pieces.

Anyway, while I don't say much here (not much to add these days) I still have a great fondness for the group and certainly for Mark's artistry.

Hope you find something in it to enjoy.


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