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#1 10-31-2011 1:30pm

From: Edinburgh, Scotland
Registered: 10-31-2011
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New member from Scotland :)

Hi Everyone,

Not sure how active these forums are as I know Mark isn't the most popular musician in the world!

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, although I am from the midlands in England.

I cannot recall exactly how I found Mark's music first, but it was only about 3 years ago I would guess. It was "Lost Verses" on April that got me hooked. Since then I have devoured all the RHP stuff (except "Songs for a Blue Guitar" which I am trying to get ahold of at the moment) and of course all the Sun Kil Moon stuff and solo work.

I own the Admiral Fell Promises vinyl (in white) which I listen to regularly, and just picked up a copy of "On Tour" about a month ago which I really enjoyed. I have watched it once but will probably watch again soon.

I don't really have a favourite song as I love far too many to have a favourite, but ones that I often wind up listening to repeatedly are "Church of the Pines", "Katy Song" and "Blue Orchids".

I have never seen Mark live, but that is almost my only aim in life right now! ;-)

Looking forward to a bit of chat on here, and subscribed to the blog too in Google reader so will keep up to date with your posts.

Charlie -


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