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#1 11-05-2011 9:05pm

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11/08/11 @ Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA (Mark solo)

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


#2 11-08-2011 10:59am

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Re: 11/08/11 @ Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA (Mark solo)

The Neptune is a former art house cinema that was bought by a local group that produces live gigs. The floor theatre seats have been removed (though there were folding chairs for last night) with a small raised area in the back with a bar. The sight lines are great from everywhere and it's gorgeous inside. For all that, I thought the sound could have been a bit better, but on the whole it was good.

Mark busted out his misogynistic jerky persona for the first time in long while in terms of gigs I've been at. Or at least it was annoying to me last night for the first time in years. He picked out a couple of women in the front row to pander to all night, and told a sophomoric story about a woman he met at the Winnipeg gig who was from Regina, Saskatchewan. The women got to pick the encore which was Carry Me, Ohio -- which after much dramatic sighing and complaining that he hates playing songs with only three chords, he did play -- and Send in the Clowns. They also asked for Lily and Parrots but don't think they got it.

Sorry I'm crap with remembering set lists and last night was not recognizing many of the songs as it was. Maybe they were the Desert Shore stuff which I haven't heard or it's old age setting in. In looking at the West End set list, we also had:

Sunshine in Chicago
new song - talks about a relationship with a girl who's also a singer?
new song that lists cities in Europe
Half Moon Bay
Heron Blue

Four Fingered Fisherman
Carry Me Ohio
Send in the Clowns

--Tim F.


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