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#1 07-19-2012 7:52am

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07/23/12 @ Daikanyama Haretara, Tokyo, Japan (Mark solo)

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


#2 07-23-2012 12:29pm

From: Tokyo
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Re: 07/23/12 @ Daikanyama Haretara, Tokyo, Japan (Mark solo)

Hi, this is Naguirra from Japan.

This was the final show of this East Asia leg.

Comparing to his previous gig in Tokyo (July-11) which held in a church, this show was more relaxing, since this was held in a very cozy venue, and went with a very good mood. Not only myself but everybody looked enjoying the show in each way.

This venue's entire name is "Haretara Sora ni Mame Maite" (Japanese), which means "When it's sunny, scatter soy beans to the sky", even for Japanese still sounds a bit strange as a venue's name, and almost doesn't make sense. Well, whatever.

Mark looked sort of tired (as he has just got back from China/Korea leg), but he went through the longest setlist (almost 3hours long) among this tour for the closing night (this was totally against his will, according to him, lol).

His stage drink that night was a small bottle of Japanese barley tea.
Though he said "This tastes like wood. Wood water," finally he finished the bottle before encore.

Another cool thing to me was, the tuning knob of the 4th string of his guitar had broken since yesterday, so he needed to use the pliers every time he tuned the 4th string(You can see the blue one on the music stand in the very right side of the picture).
He said he really hated it, then referred to the dentist in "Marathon Man."

In the request part, he declined most of the requests from guys (including mine), he preferred the ones from ladies.
Then he set his eyes on a lady among them, who looked very shy (he called her, "baby"), and asked her to request a song, then she replied "Have you forgotten."
I already knew that he didn't play this song in this tour, but he said "Though I haven't played that song recently, OK, I'll try to do it for YOU."
This was a good surprise.

After he managed to make it by compensating some forgotten lyrics with a humming, he still asked her one more request, then surprisingly she dared to request "Japanese to English."

Even for such request, he still looked recalling his ancient memory anyhow and tried to sing a few lines, but this made a big laugh among the audiences, so this attempt was aborted shortly.
(Apparently he also looked kind of enjoying that situation.)

Mark still tried to ask her one more request again (hopefully out of his recent stuff), but she couldn't come up with any more song, so he finally took other guy's request, "Katy Song."

Btw, my request was "Void."


Setlist: *any correction is welcomed.
Glenn Tipton
Sunshine in Chicago
Missed My Heart
Summer Dress
Australian Winter
? new song? or a cover song? (in minor and very low key)
That Bird Has A Broken Wing
Third And Seneca
Trucker's Atlas
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
Space Travel Is Boring
The Moderately Talented...
Heron Blue
Young Love
Blue Orchids

(five minutes break)

Have You Forgotten (by request, 30-40% of the lyrics was hummed)
Japanese to English (by request, but aborted only after trying a few lines)
Katy Song (by request)
Track No.8
Duk Koo Kim
Black Kite

UK Blues
13(Danzig Cover)

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#3 07-23-2012 1:34pm

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Re: 07/23/12 @ Daikanyama Haretara, Tokyo, Japan (Mark solo)

Wow 3hrs!

Mark obviously wanted some action from that girl, last chance saloon I guess!


#4 07-24-2012 10:43am

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Re: 07/23/12 @ Daikanyama Haretara, Tokyo, Japan (Mark solo)

JRS wrote:

Wow 3hrs!

Mark obviously wanted some action from that girl, last chance saloon I guess!

And she should have given him some!  Hell, I would blow him for playing that set list.


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