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#1 08-24-2012 10:06am

beginning's eve
From: Atlanta, GA
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LOW - Curtain Hits the Cast vinyl REISSUE!

just found out that Low's Curtain Hits the Cast is getting a vinyl reissue!

it's currently up for pre-order at Amazon (& elsewhere), set for a September 4th 2012 release. … B0085A9JC2

I bought the Plain Recordings reissues of I Could Live in Hope & Long Division a month or few ago - they both sound fantastic.

looks like this release will be on 180 gram vinyl, as the previous two were.

can't wait to hear this beautiful album via analog!

apparently, there was a rerelease of Curtain Hits the Cast on CD awhile back, with bonus tracks...

I never even heard about that one?!

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#2 08-24-2012 12:47pm

Site Owner
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Re: LOW - Curtain Hits the Cast vinyl REISSUE!

2xCD version also comes out September 4.

The bonus tracks on CD2 have all been released before on the box set.

And seriously why bother with 5 tracks when they could've easily put all the period rarities on there..

The Plan (Demo)
Prisoner (Demo)   
Tomorrow One   
Turning Over   
Bright 2
Walk You Out
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