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#1 09-11-2012 3:54pm

Site Owner
From: Bay Area
Registered: 09-24-2003
Posts: 1,699

IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

Hi guys,

In 2003 when I started this site, I used punbb, a new (at the time) lightweight forum software. In 2008, punbb was bought out and being open source software, some guys branched the code and created the forum software we're using now - FluxBB.

Over the last few years, spam has become an issue that I'm pretty much over dealing with. I do my best to keep up with it, but I'm sure you guys all see it (although people rarely report it with the Report button on each post). I get ~10 spam accounts that sign up EVERY HOUR - that's 120 a day. These aren't bots, mind you - they are actual people that probably get paid to spam forums. Not all of them actually post spam, but you can easily spot what accounts are spammers.

A few weeks ago I tried to curb this problem by creating a new group that all new members go into. This group wouldn't have posting rights, and legitimate users would have to contact me and I would change their group to the regular posting group. Unfortunately, a bug in the software still allows people to post.

That was kind of the last straw. I've closed registrations for the moment.

I've been thinking about moving the forum over to Vanilla forum for a while. I've been a fan since they first came out a good 5 years ago or so.. and yes, it has PMs. smile

Moving to a new forum would mean we would start from scratch creating new accounts and new threads. It's too complicated to try to migrate this forum over to Vanilla. And honestly, I would want a fresh start if we moved. The old forum would be archived, still accessible, but you wouldn't be able to post or reply.

Before I make this decision, I want your input.

How would you feel about starting fresh on some new forum software?


#2 09-11-2012 4:47pm

From: Dublin, Ireland
Registered: 12-08-2003
Posts: 153

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

I wouldn't mind signing up again for a better forum. Thanks Lament.

'Well pardon my birth i just slipped out'


#3 09-11-2012 5:27pm

beginning's eve
From: Atlanta, GA
Registered: 01-05-2005
Posts: 655

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

I wouldn't mind, probably wouldn't hurt me to update my profile anyway...

tis been awhile!

and the open drapes look out on frozen farmhouse landscapes...


#4 09-11-2012 6:06pm

From: Costa Mesa
Registered: 11-10-2004
Posts: 21

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into doing something like this so you do what you need to do.  That said, I like that there is a continuity and historical context to this forum, like "holy crap, I signed up for this when???" and knowing everyone's name and being able to re-fire old threads.  So while I would prefer to keep with this old one, I realize and support your need to keep from pulling your hair out Jason.  I can lurk on a new forum just as easy as on this one!


#5 09-11-2012 6:17pm

Registered: 03-29-2008
Posts: 10

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

I wander by every once in a while, and hardly ever post, but I'm fine with a new forum.  You are a good man for having set this all up and dealing with it for all these years. And there is a very, very special place in Hades for people who spam forums.


#6 09-12-2012 1:17am

From: Stockholm, Sweden
Registered: 01-07-2005
Posts: 421

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

Beggars can't be choosers, I guess, but it would be nice to be able to carry the old weight with you. I'm sure many of us non-lurkers feel the same way.

On the other hand, if all the old stuff is left intact, then yes, why not leave it and start something new? In any case, we're all thankful for your work, Jason!


#7 09-12-2012 1:36am

From: Mumbai, India
Registered: 02-16-2010
Posts: 109

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

The spam is definitely annoying, so if moving to a new forum is the answer, then i'm cool with it. However, as mentioned above, it would be nice if we can retain some of the history from this forum.. like maybe have our original sign up dates when we sign up for the new accounts? I don't know how that would work exactly though...


#8 09-12-2012 6:27am

From: North Carolina
Registered: 11-07-2005
Posts: 20

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

I don't have enough posts for my opinion to have any real weight but I'm pro-switch if it's easier and/or less stressful for you.  Follow your heart.


#9 09-12-2012 12:00pm

From: Northern Ireland
Registered: 11-05-2003
Posts: 410

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

sounds like more of a necessity than a choice unfortunately, thats some serious spamming yikes

i'll be happy to sign on the new forum
i'd say most people will try and use their old forum name to have some sort of continutity
and with the old one in archive people won't miss out of valuable info

# there's an angel by the ocean, I miss... #


#10 09-12-2012 1:50pm

Saint Dan
From: UK
Registered: 06-10-2004
Posts: 174

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

No objections from me.

If it stops the spammers, do it !!!

Short pricelist:

Vigara - 0.75$
Cilais - 1.82$
Levtira - 1.93$
Propceia - 0.34$

and also...

Fmeale Vigara - 1.25$
Professoinal Pack - 3.60$
Fmaily Pack - 2.19$

1 day delivery -


#11 09-13-2012 1:11am

From: Huntington Beach CA
Registered: 06-03-2006
Posts: 436

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

Well played good sir.

I hate to see you look that way
All the beauty has left your face
That's such an easy thing to give away
That's impossible to replace -American Music Club


#12 09-13-2012 1:52am

Jebus Sabes
From: UK
Registered: 05-12-2006
Posts: 121

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

Hi, yes, I would support Lament's proposal. Ideally, the old forum content would be transferable. But I think the spam problem over-rides other considerations. 120 spam accounts every day is incredible, and must be a real frustration. Steve


#13 09-13-2012 8:04am

From: Washington, DC
Registered: 05-24-2010
Posts: 35

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

I haven't found myself posting on the forum as much as I've wanted to, but I read everything that's posted and appreciate it being here.  I'm in support of maintaining a forum, so if that means starting anew that's fine with me.  Thanks for all your work on it over the years!


#14 09-13-2012 9:43pm

From: Australia
Registered: 05-17-2006
Posts: 34

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

i reckon you should make the change, whatever makes it easier for you.  thanks for putting in the hours.



#15 09-15-2012 11:57pm

From: ohio
Registered: 06-29-2010
Posts: 92

Re: IMPORTANT: Please read regarding the forum

whatever makes it easiest for you, i vote for that.

might still want to keep this forum though, as it contains a ton of info. just make it read-only, and locked to new posts by all but admins.


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